Kimberly Petro

I'm Kimberly and this is where I get to pretend like I am in charge.

A million years ago, I eloped in Vegas and went from an aspiring actress to a stay-at-home mommy. Right now, blogging provides my own personal stage where I’m not required to pay for head shots or a babysitter. It's also great therapy when you're living in a house full of tween & teenage hormonal happenings.

At 36, I am Wife to 1, Mommy to 2, Step-mother to 2 more and keeper of 4 pets. I live in Northern Virginia with my family and honestly dig my life.

When I’m not tending to my lovely family or working at home, I am a Jazzercise instructor, freelance writer, lover of mulch as well as red wine and consider myself a stellar party thrower. I also spend entirely too much time in the barn with OPP (other people’s ponies).

I co-own a company called Joslyn Place Photography with my cousin, Meredith. We’d love to get right up in your grill and take your pretty picture.

If you can’t get enough of my dry, irreverent blather here, I also write on my own blog Petroville, contribute to the DC Metro Mom’s Blog, spend entirely too much time on Facebook and am currently Twitter’s Bitch.

Thanks for stopping by. Your check is in the mail.


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