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My name is Jennifer Gerlock. I am a thirty-something mother of two who is trying desperately to hold it together while juggling a career, marriage, life and two young boys.

I am passionate about a  few of things in life – my family, my faith, and helping to inspire my fellow moms to avoid the pitfall of losing their identities after bearing children.  Hence this blog – Hip As YOU Wanna Be. We can’t all be Victoria Beckham, our course, but that doesn’t mean we should loose our “mojo.”

Professionally, I am a freelance writer and co-owner of Bring It To Fruition, a company that specializes in social media marketing,  public relations, marketing, and event planning in the DC Metro area.  I'm also co-founder of Momz Share, a quarterly networking group for DC Metro area bloggers.

If you are interested, feel free to head on over to my personal blog, Hip As I Wanna Be.  Or follow me on Twitter - @MammaMania. 

And of course, I would love to hear from you personally. Email me any time at jlgerlock (at)

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