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Jim Picht

Jim Picht

James Picht is the Senior Editor for Communities Politics and teaches economics and Russian at the Louisiana Scholars' College in Natchitoches, La. After earning his doctorate in economics, he spent several years working in Moscow and the new independent states ...

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  • T.J. O'Hara

    A Civil Assessment by T.J. O'Hara

    Today’s political extremes have paralyzed our Nation by substituting sound bites for solutions. It’s time for A Civil Assessment.

  • Allen B. West

    Allen West: Out of the Foxhole by Allen B. West

    Never apologetic. Never afraid. Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West joins Communities to bring tales from the biggest Foxhole of them all, the one inside the Beltway.

  • Michael Lotfi

    American Millennial by Michael Lotfi

    Southern Fried Politics from the Lens of a Persian-American Millennial

  • James Richard Edwards

    A Time for Choosing by James Richard Edwards

    Our Choice: Individual responsibility and self-government or the abandonment of the American Revolution

  • Michael Boldin

    A View from the Tenth by Michael Boldin

    The Constitution: Every issue, every time. No exceptions, no excuses. And how to get from here to there.

  • April Thompson

    Between Errands by April Thompson by April Thompson

    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness from the carpool lane.

  • Frank Kacer

    Biblical Politics by Frank Kacer

    Although contemporary American politics is an unforgiving environment, it’s still wide open to implement a legitimate worldview based on timeless Biblical values.

  • William Kelly

    Bill Kelly's Truth Squad by William Kelly

    A conservative commentator and satirist takes on the worlds of politics and entertainment in pursuit of truth, justice and all things America.

  • Sara Marie Brenner

    Brenner Brief by Sara Marie Brenner

    Brazen, leading-edge, “call it like it is” columns and reporting from Ohio native, radio host and writer, Sara Marie Brenner.

  • Jim Eltringham

    By The Numbers: The Story Behind The Politics by Jim Eltringham

    There is a story behind every election, every politician, every event. And it is often found in numbers.

  • Paul E. Rondeau

    Common Sense by Paul E. Rondeau

    Paul Rondeau exposes the propaganda, media tricks, and government policies that undermine our families, faith, freedom…and even life itself

  • Brandon Brice

    Common Sense Conservative by Brandon Brice

    Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.

  • Danny Huizinga

    Consider Again by Danny Huizinga

    "Critical thinking is thinking about your thinking while you're thinking in order to make your thinking better." - Dr. Richard Paul

  • Crystal Wright

    Crystal Wright: Conservative Black Chick by Crystal Wright

    Crystal Wright is a black conservative woman living in Washington, D.C.

  • Lawrence J. Fedewa

    Edge of the Precipice by Lawrence J. Fedewa

    Thoughts of a former academic-turned- businessman (and quasi-libertarian) as he looks at the actions, events and policies of our government and its players.

  • Alan Alsup

    Enemies Domestic by Alan Alsup

    Animated political commentary offered by the satirical cartoonitures of MrDrawingguy

  • Ernest Istook

    Ernest Istook: Knowing the Inside by Ernest Istook

    Does it take over 25 years in public service to really know what goes on in Washington?

  • Shoshana Weissmann

    Girl of Center-Right by Shoshana Weissmann

    A center-right perspective on politics, policy, campaigns, and the Supreme Court, delivered by a millennial workaholic vegetarian Jewish Republican.

  • Jennifer Oliver O'Connell

    In My Orbit by Jennifer Oliver O'Connell

    Opinion, analysis, and musings on politics, pop culture, reinvention, and the resultant flotsam and jetsam floating around the right-of-center quadrant of the Left Coast.

  • Conor Higgins

    It’s All Smoke and Whiskey by Conor Higgins

    All of the world’s problems, solved on your back porch

  • Communities AA Writers

    Letters from Readers by Communities AA Writers

    Letters from the Readers of Communities @WashingtonTimes.com

  • Dave Nalle

    Liberty In Our Time by Dave Nalle

    Positive propaganda for a nation in peril.

  • Bill Randall

    Lower 9th Ward Conservative by Bill Randall

    Weekly agitation from a columnist who many believed to be one of the least likely to become known as a Conservative Republican.

  • Thomas Mullen

    Reawakening Liberty by Thomas Mullen

    A libertarian look at breaking news and political trends by author Tom Mullen.

  • Jennifer Kerns

    Red Alert by Jennifer Kerns

    Red Alert focuses on the hottest political topics in the nation and calls Americans to action.

  • Al Maurer

    Red Pill, Blue Pill by Al Maurer

    Al Maurer provides a common sense, conservatarian, Constitutional conservative perspective from the battleground state of Colorado

  • Jim Picht

    Stimulus That! by Jim Picht

    Global economy, the civilizing power of markets and public morals.

  • Tim Kern

    Talking Sense by Tim Kern

    We’re human: we don’t always think things through, so we accept many ideas that are, well, ideas that are wrong. We also look past certain truths without recognizing them.

  • Doni Kandel

    That's RIGHT! I Said It! by Doni Kandel

    Doni Kandel shares his self-prescribed cocktail of humor and hard-nosed honesty required to remain a passionate and sane conservative and Zionist in today's tumultuous world.

  • Joseph S. Diedrich

    The Business of Living by Joseph S. Diedrich

    Libertarian thought beyond politics, unrestrained by convention.

  • Joseph Cotto

    The Conscience of a Realist by Joseph Cotto

    Politics, economics, and business from a real world perspective.

  • Daniel Martin Gray

    The Gathering Storm by Daniel Martin Gray

    Beaten down before, tyranny rises again, at home and abroad. America stands at the brink, as the world begins to burn. Awake to the dangers.

  • Bryana Johnson

    The High Tide and the Turn by Bryana Johnson

    Political commentary and literary criticism in an era of eroding liberty

  • Kevin Kelly

    The Remnant by Kevin Kelly

    A column dedicated to discussing politics, national security, civil liberties, and education.

  • Eric Golub

    The Tygrrrr Express by Eric Golub

    A politically conservative and morally liberal Hebrew alpha male hunts left-wing viper

  • John R. Wood, JR

    The Wood Review by John R. Wood, JR

    John Wood illustrates a new American politics, and the path to get there.

  • Charles Badger

    UnStereopolitical Thoughts by Charles Badger

    News and opinion from a Millennial Urbanite with Southern sensibilities,

  • Shirley Husar

    Urban Game Changer by Shirley Husar

    A mother of three and a passionate conservative, Shirley Husar changes the game.


James Picht is the Senior Editor for Communities Politics and teaches economics and Russian at the Louisiana Scholars' College in Natchitoches, La. After earning his doctorate in economics, he spent several years working in Moscow and the new independent states of the former Soviet Union for the U.S. government, the Asian Development Bank, and as a private contractor. He returned to Ukraine recently to teach principles of constitutional law and criminal procedure at several Ukrainian law schools for a USAID legal development project. He has been writing at the Communities since 2009.

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