Will Republicans lose their nerve?

Do Republicans have the nerve to continue to put pressure on the White House? Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, May 17, 2013 ― The Democrats are on the run. The Obama presidency is in a precarious position. Even the most partisan liberal is looking for the escape hatch. Times seem good if you are a conservative Republican who needs a sliver of sunshine in what has been an increasing dark and stormy decade. Nevertheless, here comes that nagging feeling that is building in the pit of your stomach. Will the Republicans keep the pressure on to gain a real advantage?

In recent history, the Republican Party has an aversion to winning. They seem to be really adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. In 1976, the country was poised for Ronald Reagan and Republicans took that victory off the board to nominate Gerald Ford. In 1992 and 1996, Republicans had decorated war heroes to run against a draft dodging, womanizing, dope smoking, ethics challenged Bill Clinton. It seemed easy, but the Republican Party managed to put together two of the worst run presidential campaigns in history up to that point.

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That was, until 2008.

The Republicans managed to pick from the litter and find John McCain and Sarah Palin to run against The (sort of) Black Superman. You’d think that they would have learned a lesson from that fiasco. You would think incorrectly. In 2012 the party of pain bypassed young, energetic candidates, and even old, energetic candidates. It could have had Herman Cain, but went with pleasant, bland, safe, and far-too-nice-for-his-own-good Mitt Romney. The same Mitt Romney who had to bow out to Deputy Dog… err, John McCain.

Now in typical second-term fashion, the USS Obama is leaking. Benghazi, IRS, and AP phone records have poked holes in the ship, which is taking on water. Now the question is, will the GOP’s USS Minnow keep the pressure on? We have heard from Skipper Reince Priebus that he is afraid some Republicans are overplaying their hand. There are Republican pundits calling for calm. I would like to encourage conservatives and Republicans and say “FULL STEAM AHEAD!”

You know that if the situation were reversed there would no pause in the effort of Democrats or the liberal media to be thoughtful and moderate. It boggles the imagination that there are any voices for that on the Republican side of the table. In 2014 there are some important elections. If they are to take the Senate, Republicans must not only somehow hold on to all the seats they have, but also win six more. This is not the time to become timid. Nor can they assume that they will keep the House, which is imperative.

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Republicans have a great opportunity to sieze the political high ground. This is not the time for sportsmanship; it is a time for special prosecutors. This is no time to reach across the aisle; this is a time for putting people under oath and watching them perjure themselves. This is the time to set up the win.



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