Obama presidency sinking fast

President Obama is in serious trouble. Benghazi, AP phone records, IRS scandal, and the possibly more. Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, May 16, 2013 — The Obama presidency is in serious trouble. Benghazi, AP phone records, IRS scandal, and the possible secret listening device in the House of Representatives cloakroom may be too much for the presidency to survive. President Obama and his team are good, but are they that good?

The Obama administration’s first anchor is the attack on the CIA facility in Benghazi. Yes, the rest of media are calling that building some sort of diplomatic facility, but of the 30 people who worked in that building, only seven of them worked for the State Department. The other 23 were CIA employees. This answers the question why none of them have surfaced to speak about the attack and the lack of military support from the White House.

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According to www.libertynews.com, the timeline concerning a shipment of arms to Turkey from Libya is too coincidental to conclude that the CIA was not involved in a gun running operation to the rebels in Syria though the CIA facility in Benghazi. If that truth surfaces through congressional hearings and the independent conservative media, this alone may end the Obama presidency.

If this were all that the president had to worry about, his team would push enough low-level flunkies on the sacrificial altar to satisfy most of us.

The second anchor is the IRS scandal. The IRS was found to be targeting conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status. The groups were first targeted by their names. If the name of the groups had the phrases “Tea-Party” or “Patriot” in their names, their applications were instantly pulled for a more intense scrutiny. Some of the organizations were asked to submit more documentation that was later found to be excessive and irrelevant even by IRS regulations.

Later, the IRS began looking into the narratives that are submitted with these applications for phrases like “teaching the U.S. Constitution” or references to cutting federal spending. These applicants would experience longer than necessary delays. Some delays were long enough to stop the continued formation of the groups, thus destroying anything effective they might have done.

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These abuses go back as far as March of 2010, according to the Inspector General’s report. There is little chance that some rogue, low-level agents in Cincinnati decided on their own to start a “war” with conservative organizations. Obama went on TV yesterday to announce his outrage and offer up a sacrifice for us. He announced that Stephen Miller, the interim director of the IRS, was asked for and submitted his resignation yesterday.

This may seem a bold stroke to the uninformed. The problem is that Miller had already announced he was leaving the IRS in June. That is June of 2013, in three weeks. God is never pleased with sacrifices of the blind, lame, spotted or diseased on the altar, and neither are Americans.

The third anchor of this presidency is the gathering of phone records by the Justice Department from some 20 phone lines of the Associated Press. This little trick caused an unexpected reaction throughout even the most loyal members of the Obama propaganda machine. Eric Holder’s press conference on the issue was characterized on MSNBC’s Show Hardball with Chris Matthews as “disastrous.”

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said on The Morning Joe this is the most outrageous thing she has seen in her life as a journalist. When the Nixon-esque enemies list debacle gets traced to the White House, it may be too much to bear even for this very talented staff.

The story of the House of Representatives’ cloakroom spying is still being investigated. This story was broken by Gateway Pundit and we are hot on it

The longer these events drag on, the more water seeps into the boat of the Obama Presidency. 

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