President “Red Line” is at it again in Washington

Barack Obama is drawing red lines again. It works better in the United States than it does around the world. Photo: Listen, Bibi, no sweat. Just talked to Iran.... (

CHARLOTTESeptember 29, 2013 — The one promise to the American people Barack Obama has faithfully kept is transparency. Not the way the president meant it, of course, but if he was any more transparent, he would be invisible.

The talking point of the week was that Obama would “negotiate with terrorists but not with the Republican Party.” That was only partially true. Though the president does refuse to negotiate with “Republican extremists,” he claims he will “negotiate” with the Iranians who are in the process of developing nuclear weapons and also have Islamist ties to terrorism. The discrepancy lies in the definition of the word “negotiate.” It is sort of like defining what the meaning of “is” is.

Beginning his news briefing Friday, Obama strode to the podium and stunned his groveling media allies by announcing he had spoken by phone with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for approximately 15 minutes. It was the first direct conversation between Washington and Tehran since 1979.

Barack Obama made a phone call that must have been impressive, because the MSM could not stop talking about it.

Let me be perfectly clear… (

Talking and negotiating are not synonymous. Talking is simply talking. Barack Obama is good at that. It’s his forte. Saying something significant other than misrepresenting the truth is a different matter, however. Mr. Obama is also a master of delivering boldfaced untruths. Most people call that lying.

Does Barack Obama honestly believe a deal can be reached over Iran’s nuclear program? If ht does he hasn’t learned much about dealing with the Middle East during the five years of his presidency.

“While there will surely be important obstacles to moving forward and success is by no means guaranteed, I believe we can reach a comprehensive solution,” said Obama at the briefing.

Two important aspects of that sentence immediately jumped off the page. “Obstacles” is first. For Obama an obstacle is one of those “bumps in the road” he mentioned while dealing with terrorism. Apparently Barack Obama has no clue what an “obstacle” really is when confronting Iran or any other Islamic faction in the region. Syria was nothing more than obstacle to our president.

The second factor was the words “success is by no means guaranteed.” Since when is anything guaranteed in the Middle East other than the next terrorist attack whenever and wherever it occurs?

As the world burns (

Once again Western leaders jumped with optimism about the “moderate” position Iran has taken under Rouhani. Keep believing that until the next mall attack or something similar occurs.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was “moderate” too, remember? Egypt is still on fire and the United States is despised by both sides.

Barack Obama is becoming the Neville Chamberlain of the 21st century. This president believes he can smooth-talk Muslim extremists into negotiating with him while they continue their delaying tactics and play him like Ringo Starr’s drums.

Has the president not learned anything from Syria? Libya? Egypt? Obviously not.

Obama went on to say, “…the test will be meaningful, transparent, and verifiable actions, which can also bring relief from the comprehensive international sanctions that are currently in place”

The entire process would be hilariously funny as a Saturday Night Live routine if it wasn’t so dangerous and ominous. It is frightening to see a President of the United States so blatantly out of touch with reality. Mr. Obama’s naïveté is unsettling because it is either by design or due to incompetence. Neither has a positive outcome.

Following Obama’s in-your-face commentary about his bold new initiative with Iran, the president spent the next 15 minutes lecturing the American people via the press and television as though we are naughty children clinging to each and every authoritative word he speaks  

Now we have another “red line” in the sand, only this time it has been drawn against the Republicans with whom the president refuses to negotiate at all. Negotiating Obama-style is a one-way street. His way or no way.

Putting it another way, if the government shuts down, then the president shuts down because Mr. Obama believes HE, and only he, is the government.

President “Red Line” is at it again, blaming everyone but himself for the muck and mire of his administration. Imagine any other president in American history talking down to the people who elected him the way in which Barack Obama does.

Barack Obama’s rhetoric has grown repetitive, meaningless, tiresome and old. Our unscrupulous leader is a man without leadership. He is the class warfare president who quite simply has no class.

Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe. Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (  

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Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor has been travel writer for more than three decades. Following a career as an award winning sports producer/anchor, Taylor’s media production business produced marketing presentations for Switzerland Tourism, Rail Europe, the Finnish Tourist Board, Japan Railways Group, the Swedish Travel & Tourism Council and the Swiss Travel System among others. He is founder of The Magellan Travel Club ( and his goal is to visit 100 countries or more during his lifetime.


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