Kenyan Mall Shootings: Just a severe case of Islamophobia

The attack at the mall in Kenya is a wake-up call that more terrorism is close by and could happen in the United States. Photo: Al-Shebab attacks mall in Kenya (AP)

CHARLOTTESeptember 22, 2013 – Coming soon to a mall near you, mass murders. Muslims have nothing to fear. Non-Muslims, well that’s another story. It is really nothing more than a case of not understanding how the “religion of peace” works, which makes us all Islamophobes.

The rules are the same for those who oppose Barack Obama’s policies, only they are known as “racists.”

Ernest Hemingway’s Moveaable Feast took place in Paris. Barack Obama’s is global. Al-Qaeda is dead, by the way. We buried them a year ago, just before the election. Remember? Now those zombie terrorists are wreaking havoc by moving the playing field from Egypt and Syria to Kenya. Only this time the safari is going after people instead of animals.

There will be no red lines this time around. Been there, done that. Besides this was Africa. Who cares?

Attack at mall in Kenya (

The 59-and-rising death toll of innocent non-Muslims at affluent Westland’s Mall of Nairobi, Kenya are no less dead than the victims of Assad’s chemical weapons in Syria. By the way, whatever happened to those imminent cruise missiles and the Russian efforts to neutralize Syria’s WMD? Oh that’s right, that’s old news. Terrorism is back burner stuff these days while we deal with the phony issues of whether or not to defund Obamacare and shut down the government.

Barack is back in familiar territory. He is flying around the country whining about the evil Republicans and how burdensome it is to be the smartest man in the world and get no respect. When the king speaks the nobility and peasants are supposed to listen.

Obama plays the domestic game better than the one in foreign policy. He understands how to manipulate the American system. The president says he understands global issues too, but he really doesn’t. He just wants us to think he does.

This time it is personal. This healthcare thing is all about him. It has nothing to do with bad policy or losing full time jobs to part time employment or the continuing drag on the economy. This is because Republicans and Obama’s enemies just don’t like him. George Bush started it. If it hadn’t been for him, Barack and Hillary could have managed everything single-handedly. He would take the national issues while she covered the international stuff.

Violence in Kenya (

Estimates place the number of dead in Kenya at 59 with 175 wounded. It is believed that 10 to 15 jihadists still occupy the third floor and basement of the complex while holding an unknown number of hostages.

Al-Shabab of Somalia, an Al-Qaeda linked group, is claiming responsibility for the attack which used hand grenades and assault rifles to specifically target non-Muslims.

Shortly after the election last November, when Al-Qaeda proved Obama wrong by showing up in various places around the world, some experts claimed that the president was correct in assessing the decimation of Al-Qaeda. According to them, Obama destroyed the “old” Al-Qaeda, and we are witnessing is a new strain of the same philosophy. Apparently that makes things better.

So 59 innocent people have been killed in a mall in Kenya and we are supposed to believe this is “terrorism lite” because Obama says Al-Qaeda is dead.

True, Barack Obama cannot be everywhere at all times. On the other hand, the president has demonstrated time and again during nearly five years in office that he has problems with priorities.

Though Al-Shabab is primarily active in Somalia today, it has not, according to The Clarion Project, received support from Somalis themselves. But there’s the rub. Without being able to recruit in their own country, Al-Shabab has turned to the U.S. for personnel.

According to Clarion some 40 Somali-Americans have already been recruited and there is an active network for Somali-operated training camps, including one in Minneapolis.

Elsewhere, Anthony Joseph Tracy of Virginia was arrested in 2010 for having ties to Al-Shebab, but even worse is that he had already smuggled more than 270 Somalis into the country through Mexico.

No, the president cannot be everywhere, but he could certainly be more aware. He could also spend more time on vital issues that affect the American people rather than focusing on the barriers his critics are raising while trying to prevent him from further diminishing our country.

Terrorism is a global problem that is guaranteed to continue. An attack in Kenya may seem far away, just as a civil war in Syria or violence in Egypt are thousands of miles from our doorstep.

If jihadists are entering the country through the border in Mexico however, and if they are getting training in Minneapolis, the next mall could be closer to home.

The Boston Marathon attack wasn’t so very long ago.

Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe. Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (  

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Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor has been travel writer for more than three decades. Following a career as an award winning sports producer/anchor, Taylor’s media production business produced marketing presentations for Switzerland Tourism, Rail Europe, the Finnish Tourist Board, Japan Railways Group, the Swedish Travel & Tourism Council and the Swiss Travel System among others. He is founder of The Magellan Travel Club ( and his goal is to visit 100 countries or more during his lifetime.


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