Radical Islam does not exist: Islam is the enemy

Radical Islam does not exist because Islam is, by definition, radical. Photo: Woolwich attackers / braodcast screen shots

CHARLOTTEMay 24, 2013 — As Barack Obama would say, “Let’s be perfectly clear,” there is no such thing as radical Islam. Islam, by definition, is radical.

No more proof of that is needed than a man calmly standing on a London sidewalk with his right hand covered in so much blood it looks like a glove. In his left hand he holds a meat cleaver and a knife.

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Michael Adabolajo, a 28 year-old Britain of Nigirian descent, brutally beheaded a British soldier in the name of Islam. Adabolajo is, reportedly, a follower of the terrorist group Al-Shabab.

Reports from British media are that he converted to Islam from a Christian immigrant background in 2003 around the age of 15 or 16. He began calling himself Mujahid, joining the Islamist group Al Muhajiroun, which has since been banned under the Terrorism Act.

There is no other word to describe Adabolajo’s act than radical.

CNN playes a video of a man, Abu Barra, who blames Wednesday’s attack not on his friend Michael Adebolajo, but on the British government and predicted there may be more attacks.

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“As long as (British) foreign policy is engaging in violence, they’re only inviting violence in retaliation,” Barra told CNN.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then 998 remain to describe the assassin’s actions because only two are necessary, radical Islam.

On Thursday afternoon, the president took to the microphone once again to present yet another lecture about the virtues of his administration in making Americans safe from global terrorism.

The speech, which was billed as a major policy announcement, was nothing more than an attempt to cover up the cover-ups of scandal that presently rage through Washington.

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Over the course of his epistle, Obama repeatedly defended Islam as he has done so frequently in the past. In the process, the president continued to demonstrate his lack of understanding of global terrorism by reminding us that we must contain Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations throughout the world.

As the president sees it, these groups are the enemy.

He is wrong. It is not just a group or two. Islam is the enemy. Not radical Islam, but Islam itself.

Does it really matter whether the London killer was Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah or Muslim Brotherhood? As Hillary Clinton might ask, “What difference does it make?” What matters is that the perpetrator(s) arbitrarily beheaded another human being in broad daylight in the streets of a major international city in the name of Islam.

What other religion in the world does such horrendous acts in the name of its faith? Name one. In most societies what happened in London earlier this week would be outright murder.

Not in the world of Islam.

The killer stood before a camera for all the world to see and did his deed in the name of his religion. As far as he was concerned, his bloodthirsty act was justified.

No other religion in the world condones such activities except Islam. That is radical.

Forget the apologies from so-called moderate Muslims. The words are hollow. The excuses are empty. Islam is not a religion. It is a way of life. It is violent and has been since its inception fourteen centuries ago.

Wake up, Mr. Obama.

As the president stated on Thursday, “The best way to prevent violent extremism is to work with the Muslim American community, which has consistently rejected terrorism, to identify signs of radicalization and partner with law enforcement when an individual is drifting towards violence.”

Obama went on to insist that the majority of Muslims reject jihadist ideals. So what? How many times do we have to hear that explanation? That has become the standard comment after every terrorist incident. The words are meaningless.

Terrorism is happening throughout the world and innocent people are dying. The greatest percentage, by far, of terrorist activities is carried out by Muslims. That is radical. There is no other way to put it.

Barack Obama claims that in many instances Muslims are the chief victims of global jihad. Perhaps, but if Muslims want to kill Muslims because that is what they believe as taught by the Prophet Muhammad, the Koran and the Hadith, then let them kill each other. Leave the rest of us who have no inclination toward such barbarism alone.

“We must recognize that these threats don’t arise in a vacuum. Most, though not all, of the terrorism we face is fueled by a common ideology, a belief by some extremists that Islam is in conflict with the United States and the West, and that violence against Western targets, including civilians, is justified in pursuit of a larger cause.

Of course, this ideology is based on a lie, for the United States is not at war with Islam,” the president continued.

Sorry, Mr. President, but we are, indeed, at war with Islam. It is time to recognize that fact and do something about it. It is time for those Muslims who do reject terrorism to stop their apologies. The time has come for peaceful Muslims to undergo a true enlightenment that, first and foremost, recognizes the very fundamentals of their beliefs are rooted in medieval concepts that no longer have a place in modern society.

Barack Obama’s denial of the magnitude of terrorism will only facilitate future Boston Marathon-type bombings because he rejects the concept that Islam is inherently violent. That is by design and no amount of apology or disavowal will lessen its reality.

As has been said so many times before, most Muslims are peaceful, law abiding citizens. That does not diminish the fact, however, that Islam is, by nature, violent. Not radical Islam, but Islam itself.

Perhaps Robert Spencer said it best when he wrote, “…who exactly among Muslims in the U.S. does Obama think is going to help him against jihad terror?”

The video of a terrorist with blood on his hands on a London sidewalk does not lie about the problems we face.

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