Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating US college campuses

The Muslim Brotherhood has been infiltrating US college campuses for more than 30 years. Photo: IIIT

CHARLOTTE, May 17, 2013 – The infiltration of Amerca by the Muslim Brotherhood goes to the very heart of what we are witnessing in the realm of global terrorism, even before 9/11/01.

It has only been a few weeks since the media frenzy over the concept of self-radicalization of the brothers Tsaranaev and the Boston Marathon bombings. Most reports from those attacks suggested that the process of self-radicalization, or even Islamic radicalization in general, is a relatively brief process.

Not so, and it should be a cause for concern for every American.

As far back as 1988, an FBI informant working inside the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States issued a warning about a front called the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). According to the anonymous FBI source, the IIIT was then in the first of six phases to “institute  Islamic Revolution in the United States.” The objective was to peacefully infiltrate the United States government and American universities.

That report was issued a full seven years after the Institute was founded in 1981 by Dr. Jamal Bazinji, Dr. Hisham Yahya Altalib, Dr. ‘Abdul Hamid Ahmad Abu Sulayman among others with seed money from the Muslim Brotherhood. Today, the IIIT has branches and offices in at least 15 countries worldwide and no less than 15 major colleges and universities in the United States.

A quick read of the overview on the IIIT website sounds innocent enough with wording that readily appeals to an intellectual community. “The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) is a private, non-profit, academic, cultural and educational institution, concerned with general issues of Islamic thought and education. The Institute was established in the United States of America in 1981 (1401 AH). It is independent of local politics, party orientations and ideological bias. The headquarters of the Institute are situated in Herndon, Virginia.”

Seeking evidence of contributing to terrorist organizations, the FBI raided the IIIT headquarters in Herndon in 2002. Several members were arrested and found to be active leaders of terrorist organizations.

The Muslim Brotherhood itself lists IIIT in its top 30 organizations that have the goal of “a grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.”

The FBI source also warned the Muslim Brotherhood had unlimited funds for the IIIT and has “set up political action front groups with no traceable ties to the IIIT or its various Muslim groups.” What is most frightening about that information is that the FBI report was verified in 1991.

Is anybody listening?

The mission statement and objectives of the IIIT can be found on their website:

The carefully stated words themselves may sound innocent enough, but a close reading between the lines shows differently if you research Koranic theology and text.

MissionThe International Institute of Islamic Thought is dedicated to the revival and reform of Islamic thought and its methodology in order to enable the Ummah (Muslim nation) to deal effectively with present challenges, and contribute to the progress of human civilization in ways that will give it a meaning and a direction derived from divine guidance. The realization of such a position will help the Ummah regain its intellectual and cultural identity and re-affirm its presence as a dynamic civilization.”

Objectives — In its endeavor to teach and prepare teachers for the modern world and produce intellectuals who can relate their Islam to modern day challenges the Institute aims to:

  • Serve as a think tank in the field of Islamic education, culture and knowledge.
  • Formulate a comprehensive Islamic vision and methodology that will help Muslim scholars in their critical analysis of contemporary knowledge.
  • Develop an appropriate methodology for understanding the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet.
  • Develop an appropriate methodology for dealing with Islamic legacy and contemporary knowledge, in order to draw on the experiences of both past and present, to build a better future for the Ummah and humanity at large.
  • Develop an appropriate methodology for understanding and dealing with the present situation of both the Ummah and the world in general, and the field of education in particular, in view of contemporary challenges and opportunities.

The Institute seeks to achieve its objectives by:

  • Teaching, training of teachers, publication of text books.
  • Supporting researchers and scholars in universities and research centers, and publishing selected scholarly, cultural and intellectual works, in English, Arabic and several other languages.”

Among the major universities that have embraced IIIT on their campuses are the United States Naval Academy, University of Delaware, American University, University of Maryland, Georgetown University and the University of Virginia.

Is is coincidental that so many of these institutions of higher learning are based in or near Washington, D.C?

Conspiracy theory? Perhaps, but the point is that radical terrorism is alive and well within our country and around the world, and it is not the result of impressionable young people becoming self-radicalized overnight.

The IIIT has been active in the United States for more than thirty years, yet it exists largely under the radar.

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Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor has been travel writer for more than three decades. Following a career as an award winning sports producer/anchor, Taylor’s media production business produced marketing presentations for Switzerland Tourism, Rail Europe, the Finnish Tourist Board, Japan Railways Group, the Swedish Travel & Tourism Council and the Swiss Travel System among others. He is founder of The Magellan Travel Club ( and his goal is to visit 100 countries or more during his lifetime.


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