Three looming scandals cause Obama's radical philosophies to unravel

With three scandals looming, Barack Obama is scrambling to explain them all. His radical ideas seem to be coming apart at the seams. Photo: Seeking cover from scandal / AP

CHARLOTTEMay 16, 2013 – It was inevitable. When you have a self-serving, weak, side-stepping, debilitated, question dodging president of the United States, attorney general and former secretary of state, you have major problems at the highest levels of government.

When Barack Obama came to office he promised change. We certainly got plenty of that. More than our share, in fact. Far more than we expected or wanted.

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The current firestorm of scandals that surround the White House are the product of a narcissistic, under-qualified, liberal, socialistic, absentee, celebrity-adoring president. Now that the media has finally yielded to the fact they can no longer cover for their rock-star commander-in-chief perhaps we can at least slow the tide of corruption.

With so many reporters on the case, it is only a matter of time before the truth is revealed in each of the current scandals. Regardless of whether those truths are incriminating in one or all of them, it is obvious that “Chicago-style” corruption is epidemic at Pennsylvania Avenue.

But there are deeper concerns in these stories that will never be revealed and which can easily be passed off as a conspiracy theory. Nevertheless, and difficult as it may be to believe or write, they should be considered in light of the dangerous unstable world in which we live.

Given Barack Obama’s backaground, including dozens of pieces about the origin of his birth, and the fact that he was never truly vetted by the media as a candidate, it was only a matter of time before the wheels came off his presidency.

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It cannot be disputed that Obama grew up with an Islamic background during the first third of this life and that he was clearly influenced by socialistic mentors in the second phase of his career. Already we have seen him apologize for America’s role in the world on numerous occasions and even bow to Saudi Arabian royalty.

He has repeatedly refused to call “terrorism” what it is and to defend Islamic radicalism, even at times when it was not necessary. Not to mention that Obama has regularly quoted the Koran in his speeches.

So does it really surprise anyone that all references to Al-Qaeda and terrorism would be removed from talking points about the attacks on Benghazi? True, Obama was in the middle of a presidential campaign doing an in-your-race victory tour about killing Osama bin Laden, but, as mentioned above, apologizing for radical Islam has not been beneath him in the past.

There are several key words that every Islamic radical resorts too whenever pressure mounts, and, sorry Mr. President, you are guilty of every one of them.

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Lying – Even if Barack Obama was not involved in the IRS or the AP stories that broke earlier this week, there is no question he lied to the American people about Benghazi. Obama supporters will deny countless other lies perpetuated by the administration, but the president has misrepresented the truth on so many occasions it is impossible to keep track of them all.

Can we honestly believe that he knew nothing about the IRS scandal or monitoring Associated Press reporters? Is it possible to be a micro-managing president and know so little about what it going on?

Victimization – Part of Islamic philosophy is to be victimized by everything. Every war that has ever been perpetrated in the name of Islam has been considered self-defense. Muslims are the ultimate victims.

Barack Obama fits that mold to a T. Have we ever seen the president take responsibility for anything? Even as late as last Friday Jay Carney was blaming Republicans, on Obama’s behalf, for the problems with Benghazi. In Obama-world the only things he is ever responsible for are the positive aspects of his presidency.

Justification – The Koran clearly tells its followers that everything is acceptable so long as it can be justified. This is another key facet of Barack Obama’s leadership style. If it can be justified in his mind, no matter how distasteful, even if it amounts to lying to the American people, it is credible. Prime example, the change in the health care system, even though most Americans did not want it as presented. Nevertheless, Obama justified it into law.

Intolerance – When it comes to the nitty-gritty and the heat gets too tough, resort to intolerance. For five years we have been treated to “cool” Barack Obama because he rarely gets upset during major news events. Nor does he take charge. Instead the president backs off and remains aloof about the subject at hand. If he is unable to do that, he makes hollow promises by employing his oratorical skills to bail him out.

More than three years remain in the Barack Obama era in the White House. If we continue at the current pace of corruption we may never again identify the country we once knew, if that is even possible now.

Thankfully a new awareness among the media has likely raised enough red flags that Mr. Obama and his cronies will undergo considerably more scrutiny than they have in the past.

Sadly, there will be three years more of Obama leadership, or lack of leadership, and in the interim United States will lose valuable time and resources to recover from the scourge of his presidency.

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