Obama administration has more than three scandals

There are three big scandals brewing in the Obama administration, but this presidency has had plenty more than that. Photo: AP

CHARLOTTEMay 14, 2013 ― With three major scandals surrounding Barack Obama, the president is getting plenty of practice with his juggling skills. And he is failing miserably.

With each passing hour questions multiply as revelations about Benghazi, IRS targeting and AP phone records come flying in from every direction. For the moment, the only thing we know for sure is that, for whatever reason, the president and his cronies continue to lie about Benghazi.

The IRS and AP stories are still breaking, and there is much to learn before we will know beyond doubt what involvement Obama had in either scandal.

That said, it was only last Friday that the president still pretty much had a get-out-of-jail free card from the media, despite numerous other scandals that have come and gone, or been swept under the rug, during  his tenure.

When ABC News announced it had obtained no fewer than 12 redacted talking points regarding the attacks in Benghazi, the story gained immediate credibility after eight months of apathy from most of the press.

It didn’t even matter that whistle-blower Gregory Hicks, who was the number two diplomat in Libya at the time of the attacks, had voted for Obama in both elections. Until Friday, he was regarded as being part of nothing more than a partisan witch-hunt. “A side show,” as Obama called it.

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But that was Friday. When the story broke Monday that phone records of numerous AP reporters had been tapped, the once adoring media was now in full adversarial mode. From this point forward, it will not be pretty. Finally the media are on the case, and the house of cards will eventually tumble.

The effect is cumulative. Whether the White House is or is not involved in either of the two newest problems, the fact that Obama, Hillary Clinton and others have been lying about the situation in Benghazi casts serious doubt about the president’s credibility for the remainder of his second term.

It was business as usual when Obama appointed a multitude of czars who serve as his personal advisors, even when some recess appointments were outlawed by the courts.

Have we forgotten about the Acorn money laundering scandal? The so-called “green” energy businesses, like Solyndra, that received millions of payback dollars for their assistance in getting Obama elected?

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Remember “Fast and Furious,” which should have been the undoing of Attorney General Eric Holder? Why did that story die on the vine long enough for Holder to still have a role in the now breaking Associated Press phone tapping story?

Have we not overlooked the government’s open recruitment of illegal aliens to receive food stamps as a means of gathering votes for Obama’s re-election? Should we forget Nancy Pelosi’s now infamous statement about national healthcare, “We have to pass it before we can see what’s in it?”

The truth is that Obama honestly believes the American people are stupid. Thanks to a complicit press, at least to this point of his presidency, it has been easier to maintain control over any shadowy situations that have arisen.

It is a particular point of prestige for media types to be on the A-list or the “in-crowd” for presidential invitations to Washington’s biggest bashes. That’s especially when a Democrat is in office, because everyone knows they throw the best parties. Reporters guard those credentials closely and have no desire to be removed once they have reached elite status. They know all too well the quickest way to be expunged is to go against the chief executive in any manner.

Now there is a rift, however. The media held off as long as they could. The time has come to return, however temporarily, to doing legitimate journalism.

If no single scandal has the strength to derail the presidential train, the combined weight of the evidence that continues to grow may leave Barack Obama with a lot less time for golf in his second term.

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