New terrorism tips from Al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine

Al-Qaeda has published the tenth edition of its magazine called Inspire, and it's chock full of tips for beginning and veteran jihadists. Photo: AP

CHARLOTTEMarch 6, 2013 – Ever since Al-Qaeda died they have been busy in the publishing industry putting out their glossy tenth edition of Inspire magazine.

How many times have we seen pictures and videos from the Middle East where one, two or three automobiles are in flames at the curb? How often do we see smoldering skeletons of cremated cars sitting at the side of the road?

If you have a burning desire to become a homegrown terrorist you can do just that by reading Al-Qaeda’s 60-page magazine which, among other things, provides specific details on how to set cars on fire and how to cause accidents.

The seasonal publication, which comes out quarterly, is produced in Yemen by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). One of the most popular sections called “Open Source Jihad” features stories by various authors providing readers with the latest terrorist tips devised by the “religion of peace.”

In the most recent edition, the feature article is titled “No Parking: Are There Any Safe Parking Lots Out There?” by Ibnul Irhab. Irhab presents step-by-step instructions about how torch, not one but, and entire parking lot while creating a James Bond-style conflagration.

Irhab writes, “Today we have something new for you, VEHICLES. Vehicles are easy to torch. And the easy part is vehicles need to be parked somewhere, right? How safe is that somewhere, especially in deserted area? How much more safe will the West feel parking their vehicles, when they know they’re up for a TORCHING.” 

“The West should taste some burning. They should pay for bombarding and burning our Muslim brother’ and sisters’ homes and our Holy Koran,” Irhab goes on to say.

Irhab’s detailed instructions first tell the jihadist to locate a deserted parked car while, of course, avoiding security cameras or places where people can see you pouring your fuel of choice on the vehicle(s).

As an added precaution, particularly for beginners, Irhab warns his followers to be certain not to “get petrol on yourself.”

If you are fortunate, you may create a domino effect, and, like the Twin Towers, be lucky enough to set the entire parking lot on fire.

In another article in the same section, an anonymous writer, known only as AQ Chef explains how to carry out a lethal motor vehicle ambush in his story titled “Causing Road Accidents.”

What makes this particular technique so practical is “there is no retaliation face to face, just place and vanish,” writes Chef.

The best roads are particularly windy so the driver cannot determine what is happening until it is too late. Would-be terrorists need only to pour 10 to 12 gallons of lubrication oil (cooking oil is also acceptable, he writes) just in the bend of a road before or after a sharp turn.

“A sliding vehicle doesn’t necessarily have to hit an object to provide a dangerous overturning,” says the author. “For example, a car sliding sideways on this oily surface and suddenly transferring to a dry surface will undergo a considerable lateral deceleration sufficiently large enough to cause overturning, or at least, steering and stability problems.”

There you have it. A clear, simple, easy-to-follow guide for creating havoc until the next issue arrives which will also include swimsuit burqas with AK47s for the upcoming season at the beach.

Another article features a list of the 11 most public Western figures who are “wanted dead or alive for crimes against Islam.”

One Al-Qaeda consultant points out that former presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton as well as former prime minister Tony Blair of England and Nicolas Sarkozy are relatively easy targets.

As the “consultant” explains such officials who have stepped down from public office are vulnerable and especially susceptible to attack.

The article has an interesting side-bar story for less experienced jihadists saying that “for lower profile figures, assassination…is an important method as you don’t the worry of hiding your weapon.”

There is also an editorial warning to France to end its military intervention in Mali by reminding them of what the United States endured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Past issues have featured stories about bomb-making techniques which apparently influenced Ruskana Begum who was planning to attack the London Stock Exchange. Begum had two editions of Inspire when he was captured.

Quazi Nafis also aacquired bomb-making skills from an Inspire story before he was arrested for attempting to blow up the New York Federal Reserve.

Finally there are also messages for doctors instructing them to “create a lethal poison” such as anthrax to help eliminate Islam’s enemies. It also asks doctors to give the mujahideen medical advice on their blogs.

And there you have it folks. Another explosive issue of Inspire magazine from the friendly, peach-loving folks who instituted sharia law in Mali and who are no longer a threat to the United States.

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