Kerry, Hagel and Brennan: The 3 Stooges are running the country

Washington is starting to look like a black and white comedy short: The Three Stooges running the country. Photo: The Three Stooges

CHARLOTTE, February 29, 2013 ― As the new Secretary of State, Kerry is boning up on Islam and has learned that it “is not represented by a lot of jihadists and others,” but is, instead, “a beautiful religion.”

But Kerry continued by adding, “I’ve been reading a book recently called No god but God, which is the history of the Prophet and where he came from and how it developed as a religion. It’s fascinating.”

That should be enough to immediately let us know the direction of Kerry’s tenure in his new position, a direction wholeheartedly endorsed by President Obama.

What Kerry failed to mention is that the author of the book, Reza Aslan, is, among other pro-Islamic things, an Islamic supremacist. Had our president’s new global spokesperson read any number of other writers such as Oriana Fallaci, Robert Spencer, Walid Shoebat, Bat Ye’Or  or Brigitte Gabriel, to name just a few, he might have a totally different impression of the Prophet and his “beautiful” ideas.

When a controversial new CIA director, Brennan, who is just a confirmation vote away, joins his equally unqualified partner, Hagel, as Secretary of Defense, the trio will be complete and the image of the United States as a global force to be respected will be further diminished.

Meanwhile, with North Korea and Iran emboldened by the prospects of challenging Superman when he is breathing Kryptonite, Israel continues to be an island surrounded by a sea of hatred with little or no support from its once most reliable ally.

Obama’s timid, politically correct triumvirate will continue to poke fingers in each other’s eyes, step on toes at inappropriate times, set off waves of confusion and turmoil and generally muck up international affairs while the cartoon portion of the show fouls up domestic policy.

Sequestration will come and go, just as the fiscal cliff came and went. Within weeks there will be yet another crisis for Barack Obama to campaign about. Speaking loudly and spreading lies and fearful rumors is what Obama is all about. After all, somebody told him he is the greatest orator since Demosthenes, and he clearly believes it to be true.

Obama is currently in his fifth year of campaigning and speechmaking, which is considerably easier than being president. All it takes is a good writer, a teleprompter, a few lies and the ability to cry “wolf” every month or so.

The sequester was Obama’s idea. Some would have us believe it is not important whose plan it was, but that is simply untrue. Sequester was supposed to be an opportunity for the president to play Chicken Little as he so often does by announcing that the sky is falling when it isn’t. This time he may  have played the game once too often as he is now being forced to back down. That does make it important.

In essence the sequester is about spending cuts, which they really are not, but that is what they call them. In Washington a spending cut really means reducing the size of the country from 57 states to its present size of 50. Nobody noticed any difference when we did that either.

Rather than take a leadership role to work on the problem, Obama chose to make it another issue for him to “fix” because of his overwhelming concern for the middle class. When no less of a journalistic presence than Bob Woodward called the president’s bluff, it set off a sidebar firestorm that has the mainstream media, the White House and Woodward still pointing fingers at each other.

Before long, in the persons of John Kerry, Chuck Hagel and John Brennan, we will have either Shemp or Curly plus Larry and Moe in charge of American. With the Three Stooges running the country, Michelle Obama was the perfect choice to present the Best Picture Oscar at the Academy Award ceremonies.

Back in the day, a Saturday morning at the movies consisted of cartoons followed by a short comedy short, then a cliff-hanger serial. Saturday kid shows at the movies no longer exist, but they are still alive and well every day in Washington.

Woodward finally went on to say that if Obama is behind all the threats and name-calling that it is a “Mickey Mouse” thing to do. Ahhh, but what else would you expect from a Saturday morning cartoon show.

So far, Joe “Goofy” Biden has not become involved in the animated antics of his fellow politicians, but give him time, he always has a good quote up his sleeve when you least expect it.

The feature attraction is on its way. We already know what’s in the previews, Mickey Mouse and Goofy continue to lead the country while the stooges take their international show on the road.

Not to worry. Hollywood indeed made the right decision having Michelle award Best Picture. After all she is already living with the hands down, no question about it Best Actor.

Another cliff-hanger will follow next week when this one is over. In the meantime the country and the world will wonder what other Looney Tunes can come out of Washington. Taylored Media has produced marketing videos for British Rail, Rail Europe, Switzerland Tourism, the Swedish Travel & Tourism Council, the Finnish Tourist Board, the Swiss Travel System and Japan Railways Group among others.

As author of The Century Club book, Peabod is now attempting to travel to 100 countries or more during his lifetime. To date he has visited 71 countries. Suggest someplace new for Bob to visit; if you want to know where he has been, check his list on Facebook. Bob plans to write a sequel to his book when he reaches his goal of 100 countries. He also played professional baseball for four years and was a sportscaster for 14 years at WBTV, the CBS affiliate in Charlotte.


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