Why are we talking about 2016 and Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton needs to be in the news but not because she is a potential candidate for president. She has plenty of explainig to do. Photo: Is Hillary the frontrunner? Photo: advertology.ru

CHARLOTTEJune 26, 2013 — Could somebody please explain why politicians and the media are speculating about who will be the Democratic presidential candidate in 2016? We are only six months into the second term of Barack Obama and already we are looking three-and-a-half years down the road.

Do we not have enough problems to think about and resolve without worrying about Mrs. Clinton and her presidential ambitions? Clinton might be someone for political strategists to worry about, but she is hardly a media story unless we are talking about the failure of her record as secretary of state and, particularly, Benghazi.

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In an exclusive interview with Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, Breibart News reports that the unanswered questions about the September 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi have long range ramifications that will haunt Clinton if she runs in 2016.

Speaking in a phone interview Paul said, “These are some pretty important questions that I don’t think she’s ever answered and she is basically exasperated that she even has to answer anybody’s questions. But really I think not providing adequate security for the ambassador I think should preclude her from holding any higher office.”

Paul is correct, and there are more Benghazi hearings on the horizon. When placed in context of a Clinton candidacy they could, indeed, have a serious impact on her rock-star persona. Until such information arises, whether or not Hillary decides in 2013 to run in 2016 or who her opponents might be is pure speculation and little else.

American media have an incurable case of ADD in virtually everything. Win an NCAA college basketball championship on Monday night and before the team can savor the victory, the coach is out recruiting for next year.

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Washington is riddled with scandal including the IRS, Benghazi, Snowden and the NSA and a cast of sleazy characters who have been stonewalling the American people since Obama first took office in 2009. Do we really need meaningless distractions such as what Paula Deen said years ago, or to breathlessly await the first photos of Kim Kardashian’s baby?

The Benghazi story is a legitimate pursuit. The president and Hillary Clinton both lied to the American people and, as yet, we still have few answers. Four diplomats died in the raid, Obama promised to bring the perpetrators to justice, and for months we have had nothing but lip service, pontificating speeches and cover-ups.

Hopefully future hearings will eventually provide the information that explains the fiasco in Libya one way or another. If that does happen, then it might effect Clinton’s chances for becoming the first female president in United States history. It would certainly be a major talking point for any Republican candidate.

On the other hand, there are still elections coming in 2014 and they will be significant because the U.S. is still governed by Barack Obama.

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Could we, therefore, wait just a little bit longer to make predictions about Hillary Clinton?

Rand Paul is obviously laying the groundwork for his own candidacy in 2016, and he will certainly not let Clinton’s record as Secretary of State go unnoticed. Even now, especially in light of all the controversy swirling throughout Washington, Hillary’s record is fair game.

During his interview with Breitbart News, Paul emphasized his belief that it was impossible for Clinton be unaware of diplomatic situations and alleged gun-running programs given the high level of responsibility she possessed while Secretary of State.

This is not the first time Clinton has been unable to “recall” specific knowledge of details about incidents in which she has had heavy involvement.

Both Clinton and Obama were totally disingenuous when trying to blame Benghazi on a YouTube video, yet they persisted with that story for weeks. Such out and out distortions should be brought to light and emphasizedbecause they are part of the on-going deterioration of trust Americans have in their government.

For the moment, however, let’s keep the focus on the subject at hand. There is plenty of time to worry about Hillary Clinton later. Right now we need to pay attention to the scourge that is Barack Obama.

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