A foreign policy of fear and/or political correctness

Barack Obama hates to make decisions, and those policies are costing the United States in many ways, Photo: AP

CHARLOTTEJune 20, 2013 — Has technology infringed upon Americans’ lives so drastically that the United States is no longer able to function as a global power? Or is fear and/or political correctness so dominating that our government must retreat from its principles so our leaders can be liked throughout the nation, the world and at the polls?

There was a time when the right thing to do was the right thing to do. Even when it was perceived as wrong, if it was proper, the rest of the world knew it and they respected us for it.

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No more.

Today we must pry into the personal lives of our own citizens in order to provide national security. We are no longer allowed to say that jihad is the same thing as terrorism for fear we will offend someone. Offensive videos are blamed for murderous attacks in foreign lands in order to skew political campaigns and preserve images. Red lines drawn in the sand keep moving back under the guise of being cautious rather than what they really are, weakness.

There was a time when the United States stood for something. Like it or not, the world knew that we said what we meant and meant what we said.

As a country we were never afraid to do whatever was necessary, either politically or militarily, to protect and defend our American ideals and the causes of freedom so inherent in our national identity.

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So instilled in the American psyche were these concepts that we never doubted the reasons for our resolve. Even when the world turned against us, the U.S. stood firm in its beliefs if a cause demanded it.

Our allies might have disagreed with our approach. They may have viewed us as arrogant. One thing they always knew, however, was that we could be trusted. Much of our greatness came from the fact that we were reliable.

Where did that country go? What happened that allowed us to elect a president with no commitment to anything other than his own welfare?

Barack Obama drew his line in the sand with Syria. His administration announced more than a week ago that chemical weapons had been employed by Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Now Obama is in Europe, en route to Africa, making speeches again. Nothing has been done, as yet, to take actions against the inhumane slaughter of innocent people in Syria.

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Granted the choices are not simple. Especially in the Middle East. Barack Obama has major decisions to make. Unfortunately, decisions are not Mr. Obama’s strong suit. That is why an inexperienced, politically motivated community organizer has no business being President of the United States.

Just because the options are difficult does not mean there should not be a clear-cut policy for dealing with a situation. The president likes to talk about his plans and his programs, but the reality is that he has none. He is a commander-in-chief operating on the fly because his advisors are equally inept.

Obama’s weakness in Syria now threatens to spill over into Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq or Turkey. All due to Obama’s policies of appeasement.

And so, we lead from behind. We respond out of fear. Political correctness is the order of the day. The world can no longer rely on our word. Trust is not a virtue Americans can claim any more. Our enemies sense our weakness and they are taking full advantage.

America’s national security has evolved into national insecurity as we have been lied to about Benghazi, monitoring of journalists phone calls and the IRS. If we are so internally inept, how can we possibly be externally efficient?

In the teleprompter world of Barack Obama, the United States must return to its roots and the basic foundations that made us great.

Other factors may have surprised the president when he took office. However, they are not an excuse. Those problems exist when any new administration takes over. Barack Obama has taken the challenges he was given and magnified them beyond being manageable; politically, economically and globally.

Three years remain in Mr. Obama’s presidency. The United States cannot, and will not, prosper under his namby-pamby leadership of fear and political correctness.

The red line keeps moving and as long as Mr. Obama is president, there is no way American enemies can cross it.

About the Author: Bob Taylor a veteran writer who has traveled throughout the world. His goal is to visit 100 countries or more during his lifetime.

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