Social media and Obama’s lacking foreign policy

The mainstream press may not get it, but social media is giving us new insights that show how confusing foreign policy is under Obama. Photo: Protesters in Cairo slam Obama and CNN Photo: AP

CHARLOTTE, July 8, 2013 — With a Salafi Jihad call for Islamic revolution in Egypt through “intifada” a clearer picture is beginning to emerge, at least as far as Barack Obama’s policies are concerned.

As hundreds of thousands of demonstrators filled the streets of Cairo during the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, reports about the number and size of anti-Obama signs in Tahrir Square appeared to indicate that the Egyptian people do not regard our president as an ally.

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The signs of protest were not limited to Mr. Obama, however. CNN, which prides itself on its international awareness and reporting, also felt the wrath of angry Egyptians for their coverage of Egyptian events.

A new era of journalism may be unfolding before our eyes as the mainstream press in the United States is being scooped by social media while the unrest continues in Egypt. What a sad commentary on the state of journalistic affairs in this country that citizen reporters are providing more accurate insights into the world than those who are paid to do it.

With so many uncommitted positions, not only in Egypt but worldwide, it is little wonder that any country could trust anything Barack Obama says. Words and deeds that match have not been a hallmark of Obama’s policies, either foreign or domestic. Egypt is no different. In fact, were it not for Libya, Syria, Iran and other Middle East fiascos, Egypt might be an unprecedented example of how not to conduct foreign policy.

Like Tom Sawyer, Obama is whitewashing the fence. Unlike Tom, Barack is sitting on top, straddling both sides.

As Obama’s Middle Eastern list of casualties continues to grow, let’s focus on Egypt for the  moment as a shining example of presidential incompetence, ineptitude and apathy. If those factors alone were the only reasons for the mess, it might be forgivable, but the arrogance and intellectual dishonesty that has been used to perpetuate them and shove them down our throats is inexcusable.

Not only does the president’s “everybody-gets-a-fair-shake” approach to everything fail to cope with the complexities of foreign policy, the economy, healthcare, immigration or any number of other problems, it also creates so much confusion that it is impossible to counter with any legitimate answers. The “every-kid-gets-a-trophy” trophy idea doesn’t work in Little League, and it especially has no place in global politics.

In 2011, as he always has, Obama encouraged the Salafists and other Islamist forces to get rid of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Combined with his monumental Cairo Address in 2009 in which the Muslim Brotherhood was invited to attend, Obama brought legitimacy to the homegrown Egyptian terrorist organization.

This is not a matter of perception. Syrian Christian are also asking why the United States sides with extremists who want to create an Islamic state? It seems the only real answer is because that is the way Barack Obama governs. When he chooses sides, he opts for extremism every time.

That is not what he says, however. The words are different. Therein lies the confusion. Consequently, all over the Middle East, rivers of blood flow through the streets to an even greater degree than usual.

Writing in Foreign Policy Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) summed up the situation in Egypt by saying, “In what has to be one of the most stunning diplomatic failures in recent memory, the United States is — in both perception and reality — entrenched as the partner of a repressive, Islamist regime and the enemy of the secular, pro-democracy opposition.”

For the moment, at least, Ralph Sidway who has been on the scene in Cairo says that, “judging by the banners in Cairo, people seem to realize it is Obama, not the whole U.S. who is guilty.”

As late as June 29, while touring South Africa, President Obama said, “the United States will not take sides.” It was his usual Tom Sawyer straddling the fence mantra in which he distances himself from the problem and, in the process, any culpability. How many times have we experienced that recently?

Without realizing the chaos he is creating with his mindless attitude toward foreign affairs, Barack Obama continues to reinforce supremacist concepts that we are supposed to be fighting rather than endorsing.

Perhaps social media will eventually sort it all out for us.

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About the Author: Bob Taylor is a veteran writer who has traveled throughout the world. His goal is to visit 100 countries or more during his lifetime.

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