Massive Egyptian demonstrations push for ouster of President Morsi

Some reports say the demonstrations in Egypt are the largest in history, and many protesters blame Obama and the US Photo: Protests get ugly in Egypt Photo: Telegraph, UK

CHARLOTTEJuly 1, 2013 – According to reports, the protests against President Mohammed Morsi of Egypt may be the “largest political event in history.”

Millions of demonstrators took to the streets of Cairo and throughout the county on Sunday to protest against President Morsi on the first anniversary of Morsi’s inauguration. The protests continue today.

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Meanwhile, there were also counter-demonstrations as the Muslim Brotherhood was able to mobilize thousands of Morsi supporters. The ratio of anti-Morsi followers was far in excess of those who favor his policies, however.

Just when it seemed the Middle East could not get any more complex, it got worse. But some things are not difficult to understand. For example, the magnitude of the opposition against Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood and its policies should be a powerful wake-up call to global Islamic regimes that their ideologies are unpopular.

A less obvious factor, but one that is highly significant, is that Muslim states are almost never able to govern with any degree of legitimate authority other than force and fear. Much of that is inherent in the nature of Islam, which does not allow for separation of church and state.

The inexperience of the Obama administration in foreign policy has further complicated the struggle in Egypt. The combination of Obama’s lack of understanding and his personal ambivalence has created an ambiguous environment of mass confusion and chaos. Obama has governed the same way in the United States, but in the Middle East they react with violence.

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Barack Obama is currently on the last leg of a three country tour of Africa, but he is far from the madding crowds in Egypt from where Obama, and US Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, are getting plenty of heat for their “blatant interference in the country’s internal affairs on behalf of the regime.”

The Morsi opposition is blaming the Obama administration because of comments made by Patterson at a June 18 conference on the topic of “The US Administration’s Position on the Political Situation in Egypt.”

According to sources at the event, Patterson stated, “Morsi is not Mubarak…There is no room for comparison because Mubarak was in power for 30 years, which ended with his ouster, while Morsi is an elected president who has yet to complete his first year (in office)….”

Timing is everything, and Patterson made her comments just 12 days before the first anniversary of Morsi’s presidency. One thing you quickly learn, or should, when dealing with the Middle East is that dates are important.

Supposedly the transcript of Patterson’s statements are posted on the official website of the US Embassy in Cairo, but there is a catch. The written transcript does not include the comments that have angered the opposition, which were that Morsi cannot be compared to Mubarak. Sound familiar? Have we not witnessed similar redactions and cover-ups in Washington in recent months?

What does appear on the website is, “We oppose chaos…The Government of the United States of America supports Egypt, its people, and its government. This is the government that you and your fellow citizens elected….”

Can you say “quagmire” because that is what Egypt has become.

The Egyptian opposition to Morsi believes Patterson’s statements amount to improper interference in the internal affairs of Egypt.

One member of the National Salvation Front, another opposition support group, said, “If I saw her on the street, I would tell her: ‘Shut up and don’t interfere in affairs that do not concern you.’ The American ambassador is an evil woman who incites strife.”

The daily paper Al-Wafd described Patterson as “the American High Commissioner of Egypt under the MB’s sponsorship.”

Al-Watan, another Egyptian daily wrote, “Despite the criticism and hatred that Egyptians direct at her, she has managed to train the forces of political Islam to benefit her country, and proved to her government that she can deal with the Islamic [forces] in a manner that suits her and serves her country’s interest.”

Powerful words. Not exactly a point of view Americans want to hear as we wage our own war on Islamic jihad and terrorism. Sadly, Barack Obama’s wishy-washy approach to foreign policy and his PC ideas have had a cumulative effect throughout the Middle East.

Meanwhile protests continue throughout Egypt. Several people have already been killed as a result of the protests.

But at least Obama’s family got to see the Robben Island Museum and Nelson Mandela’s prison.

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