Obama, Mubarak, West and the Muslim Brotherhood

There is increasing concern about Islamic activist advisors in the Obama administration. Allen West and Hosni Mubarak warned us. Photo: Obama's MB ties are worrisome Photo: barenakedislam.com

CHARLOTTEAugust 19, 2013 — When retired Lieutenant Colonel and former United States Congressman Allen West speaks, it is a good idea to listen.

West raises some valid points for which we should take notice. Even if your conclusions differ, there is much to consider.

In a Facebook post, West commented about the Muslim Brotherhood and, by association, the situation in Egypt, saying, “In 2009 President Obama traveled to Egypt and delivered a very conciliatory speech at the University of Cairo. Not much later events termed the “Arab Spring” compelled President Obama to advocate for the deposing of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.”

Many American media outlets hailed Obama’s speech as a major foreign policy breakthrough.

West continues, “Many warned of the rise of the “granddaddy of Islamic terrorism,” the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt as the only viable and organized political entity. We were castigated as alarmists and Islamophobes. We are now witnessing the result of our blindness.”

Western blindness to Islamic jihad has long been a problem in a politically correct society and one where a biased media refuses to vet their beloved president.

Since its inception the MB creed has been, “Allah is our objective, the prophet is our leader, the Koran is our law, Jihad is our way, dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” That philosophy has never changed, but our “blindness” led us to believe the Brotherhood had become moderate.

To which Allen West responds, “And yes, we do have Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups and individuals infiltrated into this current Obama administration. This is serious.”

West’s comments are true. Though not secret, neither are they widely reported. The Obama administration has no less than six American Islamist activist advisors with alleged ties to the Brotherhood.

Rashad Hussain is the American Ambassador to the Organization of Islamic Countries.

Arif Alikhan” is Deputy Executive Director for Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Fire/EMS at Los Angeles World Airports.

Mohamed Elibiary is an advisor to the Department of Homeland Security. He has been accused of leaking documents to the media citing charges of Islamophobia against Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

Salam al-Marayati is a writer for the Islamic magazine, The Minaret. According to FOX News, he is an “outspoken critic of Israel who once said the Jewish state should be added to the list of 9/11 terror suspects.”   

Imam Mohamed Magid immigrated to the United States in 1987. In 2011 he was appointed to serve on a Countering Violent Extremism Working Group with the Department of Homeland Security.

Eboo Patel serves on Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships. 

As Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, Dizzy Dean, is often quoted as saying “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.”

In September, 2012, Barack Obama addressed the U.N. General Assembly and stated, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

As old Diz would say, slander ain’t slander Mr. President, if it is true.

Former president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, who Obama sided against in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, sounded like Nostradamus when he prophesized, “So they [Brotherhood and affiliates] took advantage of the economic situation by handing out money…to create a state of instability in Egypt.  They are exploiting democracy in order to eliminate democracy.  And if they ever do govern, it will be an ugly dictatorship. Once a foreigner told me, ‘Well, if that’s the case, why don’t you let them form parties?’  I told him, ‘they’d attack each other.’  He said, ‘So let them attack each other.’  I came to understand that by “attack each other” he thought I meant through dialogue.”

The first part of that statement sounds strangely familiar regarding administration policies in the United States today.

The second half relates to typical Western thinking. Barack Obama debated about “dialogue” before he was even elected the first time, but ask Egyptians what “dialogue” means as they fear for their lives today.

We are forever attempting to project Western values on Islamists whose beliefs are 180-degrees opposite of ours. Therein lies the “blindness” we openly endorse by allowing our president to be advised by activists whose roots are part of those philosophies. Obama himself has similar Islamic foundations.

Is it any wonder then that allegiances skew in favor of a religion seeking to destroy all who do not follow its tenets?

How many times must we be subjected to the notion of “victimized” Muslims who are always misunderstood? How often have we heard that political oppression breeds violence in the Islamic world?

“Dialogue” in the world of Islamic extremism means only one thing, terrorism. Intentionally or not, the Obama administration is fueling global tension within his own White House.

Peabod is Bob Taylor, owner of Taylored Media Services in CharlotteNCTaylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (www.MagellanTravelClub.com) which offers tours and travel information for people who share his wanderlust spirit.  

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Bob Taylor has been travel writer for more than three decades. Following a career as an award winning sports producer/anchor, Taylor’s media production business produced marketing presentations for Switzerland Tourism, Rail Europe, the Finnish Tourist Board, Japan Railways Group, the Swedish Travel & Tourism Council and the Swiss Travel System among others. He is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (www.MagellanTravelClub.com) and his goal is to visit 100 countries or more during his lifetime.


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