Malalal Yousufzal and Radical Islamic violence against girls globally ignored

The Taliban has been hrowing acid into the faces of girls going to school in Pakistan, as they have against woman before. It is time to focus on this crime and do something about it.

CHARLOTTENovember 4, 2012 – Most of us have heard about Malala Yousufzal, the Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot by the Taliban for her mission to promote education for girls.

Now known only as Malala, she has become the face of global outrage against radical Islamic attempts to prevent women from having the same educational opportunities as men.

The question becomes does cruelty have any limitations among these people? Apparently not, because CNN is reporting a new tactic that is even more sinister, if that is possible.

The most recent outrage came in Parachinar in northern Pakistan where the Taliban attacked a girl’s by throwing acid in their faces. This is not unheard of, actually it is very common. 

When CNN contacted Qari Muhavia, the local Taliban leader, by phone the response was, “We will never allow the girls of this area to go and get a Western education.”

Muhavia went on to say, “If and when we find any girl from Parachinar going to university for an education we will target her (in) the same way, so that she might not be able to unveil her face before others.”

Such events sound like isolated incidents, but the truth is that they are the rule rather than the exception on a global scale where radical Islam is in control. How long will we continue to turn a blind eye to such events?

In 2002, a school fire in Mecca, Saudi Arabia resulted in the deaths of 15 girls when religious police blocked the doors because they were not wearing head coverings and/or abayas. The incident was not even terrorism related. It was caused by an archaic, medieval, uncivilized ideology that continues to be the core of a religion that insists it belongs within the brotherhood of man.

All too often Americans focus on the periphery of problems rather than striking at their heart. We tend to get bogged down in trivial, unrelated minutia until we are backed into a corner and have no alternative but to fight back. That is when we are at our most resourceful best.

Sadly, we are frequently more reactive than proactive, and when it comes to terrorism, we usually focus upon the site(s) of a specific event which ultimately makes us vulnerable elsewhere.

For weeks we have set our sights on al-Qaeda and whether or not they were responsible for the attacks on the consulate in Benghazi. Does it really matter whether it was al-Qaeda?

What truly matters is that the attack was the result of radical Islamic terrorism.

Does it really matter whether Malala was shot by the Taliban? Or that the Taliban was responsible for throwing acid into the faces of the girls in their van?

It all springs from the same seed. Roots that were developed 1,400 years ago in Medina and have been growing ever since.

Yet, we sit idly by and fail to acknowledge terrorism as precisely what it is. The Fort Hood incident was “workplace violence.” The Benghazi attack was caused by a video. Women are being raped and sodomized in Mali and the mainstream press practically ignores it.

How long has bin Laden been dead? His demise has one of the rallying cries of the current administration. But has terrorism subsided? Didn’t Benghazi happen after Osama bin Laden was killed?

Yes, bin Laden is dead. So is Gaddafi. And Saddam Hussein. Is the world any safer? No, and it is not safer because regardless of whether you call it al-Qaeda, Hamas, Taliban, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood or a rose, worldwide global terrorism still exists.

Terrorists are targeting young women because they are daring to better themselves by obtaining a Western education. They are being shot, having acid thrown in their faces, raped and all manner of other travesties that go largely unnoticed by an ambivalent world.

By an ambivalent United States.

Somehow it only seems to register when we, ourselves, become the victims.

American foreign policy has been a failed attempt at putting out brush fires while the holocaust rages elsewhere. Radical Islamic cockroaches that emerge under cover of darkness before fleeing in the glare of daylight know how to play the game. They have been doing it for fourteen centuries.

It is high time to stop being politically correct by sitting up, taking notice and creating a unified national policy that will have permanent results against the menace of global Islamic terrorism.

Peabod is Bob Taylor, owner of Taylored Media Services in Charlotte, NC. Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club, which creates, and escorts customized tours to Switzerland, France and Italy for groups of 12 or more. Inquiries for groups can be made at 

 Taylored Media has produced marketing videos for British Rail, Rail Europe, Switzerland Tourism, the Swedish Travel & Tourism Council, the Finnish Tourist Board, the Swiss Travel System and Japan Railways Group among others.

As author of The Century Club book, Peabod is now attempting to travel to 100 countries or more during his lifetime. To date he has visited 70 countries. Suggest someplace new for Bob to visit; if you want to know where he has been, check his list on Facebook. Bob plans to write a sequel to his book when he reaches his goal of 100 countries. He also played professional baseball for four years and was a sportscaster for 14 years at WBTV, the CBS affiliate in Charlotte.

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Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor has been travel writer for more than three decades. Following a career as an award winning sports producer/anchor, Taylor’s media production business produced marketing presentations for Switzerland Tourism, Rail Europe, the Finnish Tourist Board, Japan Railways Group, the Swedish Travel & Tourism Council and the Swiss Travel System among others. He is founder of The Magellan Travel Club ( and his goal is to visit 100 countries or more during his lifetime.


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