Open letter to the Gang of 8: If you have to sell it, it can't be good

If you have to sell it, than it's bad for the American people and good for a few elite politicians. A good bill would sell itself. Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, April 28, 2013 ― If you have to sell a bill, than it’s bad for the American people and good for a few elite politicians. A good bill can sell itself.

This so-called immigration bill is just as bad as the gun control bill. The people need to knock the pompous “gang of eight” down to size. Senator Graham said that if this bill fails, immigration will not be picked up again for decades. To the contary, if passed, “immigration reform” definitely will be picked up again within a decade, when the federal government again fails to secure the border.

What possible reasons are there for the Republican and Democratic establishments to secure the border? All they care about are cheap labor and votes. They aren’t enforcing current border security laws, so why should we believe that they will all of sudden change that?

The Black American unemployment rate is north of 15 percent. College kids can’t get jobs busing tables, moving furniture or mowing lawns, yet we have between 11 and 20 million illegals doing these jobs. We have millions on welfare. How about a government-chamber of commerce agreement to have welfare recipients do these jobs instead of people who are here illegally? If you don’t take those jobs, you lose welfare.

At the end of the day, bills like this will further the perception by a majority of Americans that their government does not represent their interests.

The only possible way the borders would be secured would be if the people illegally crossing them believed in limited government and admired the U.S. Constitution. If that were the case, the borders would have closed decades ago.

The immigration bill won’t just benefit the 11 million people in this country illegally, but also “qualified” family members from the old country. We are talking about possibly 30 to 40 million people.

Message to the gang of eight: Your job is to represent the American people first. You are not doing it with this bill. Secure our borders now! Are you nuts? I can’t go into Russia, or England or Germany or South America undocumented. Stop the nonsense. Amnesty is not what conservatives and most Americans want. Don’t look to business. They want and will cheat labor.

Please don’t misunderstand, I believe Hispanics are good for the US. They love their families, they are hard workers. For the most part they are faith-based. They actually have a quality that America used to hold, but if they came into this country illegally, they must vacate the premises! Get at the back of the line.

Don’t you understand what law-abiding legal immigrants who are here and who want to come to the US are feeling right now? Betrayed! America is the land of opportunity for those that want to do it the right way. This is the wrong way and if you have to sell it … it can’t be good!

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Wayne Dupree

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Wayne uses the motivation of a Andrew Breitbart exchange to motivate and fuel his desire to speak to the world and give his opinion in a way that informs and educates. Wayne is the CEO of He has been featured on the Sean Hannity Radio Show many times, Mark Levin and completed a panel discussion that ranged from the GOP Minority Outreach to How Liberals use Education and Racism to divide and conquer on Glenn Beck show hosted by Dana Loesch. Wayne's willingness to stand up for his principles and convictions have keep him rooted and grounded.

Wayne is married, and has three kids. His son attends one of Maryland's top 5 schools while his twin daughters continue their everlasting presence on the principal's honor roll year after year. Wayne fights for the future of his family and is willing to call out whatever political party stands in his way.

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