Toure Neblett pops racist chops on LL Cool J and Brad Paisley’s Duet

Toure tears into Americans Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's new song. Guess he doesn't want racism to end? Photo:

WASHINGTON, April 11, 2013 ― LL Cool J and Brad Paisley created a song together called “Accidental Racist,” which touched on persistent racial tensions throughout America. These musical artists felt compelled to do this because they felt it was time to address the situation and draw a line in the sand to come to grips with a topic that has split this nation down the middle since before the Civil War.

Toure Neblett ― the host of MSNBC’s “The Cycle,” failed MTV Video Jockey, and lifetime racist expert in his own mind ― once again speaking bad about some of the lyrics by both Paisley and LL Cool J.

Touré slammed Cool J over the lyric in his song, “If you forget the gold chains, I’ll forget the iron chains”: 

“If you don’t judge me because I’m wearing a chain, I’ll forget about slaver? Which continues to have an impact on this country – the racial disparity, the income inequality, and the incarceration trends. No, I’m not going to forget.”

Neblett responded with a personal attack on LL Cool J: “My God, LL Cool J talking about ‘forget the slavery mentality?’” Touré exclaimed. “Mama should knock you out!”

Toure Neblett is acting like a race baiter making his cash off his niche. He goes after black conservatives as if his contract included a bonus for every one he can publicly destroy.

Neblett went after Herman Cain during the Republican primaries. More recently he’s gone after Ben Carson. He constantly goes after black conservatives who leave the Democratic Party. Now these two proud Americans, who have decided to stand out in front and take abuse and ridicule for their beliefs, are being demonized by the likes of a man who hates his own past.

Let’s not forget the “indignity” Touré “suffered” being forced to attend a “white” school like Emory.

Touré, Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson’s family would be out of business but for the constant harping on events that happened decades and centuries before us, by people to whom very few of us are related. These individuals make a living out of issues like racism and slavery. It is in their best interest no to allow America to heal. They would be without a job then.

Believe if or not, slavery ended almost 150 years ago, and every one of those evil, slave trading, terrorist whipping masters is taking a dirt nap with the maggots. So why is Toure Neblett hell bent on continuing to hold these grudges for something that his country paid for in vast amounts of blood?

Here’s a question for Mr. Neblett: If you are so hard on remembering slavery and keeping a grudge for something you were never part of, who do you want to blame? The descendents of slave holders? The political party that supported slavery? That would be the Democrats, who also created the KKK, which terrorized blacks, destroy their homes and communities, and lynched them and burned their bodies.

We might blame whites in general, but let us remember, white men and black men both fought in the Civil War to eradicate slavery. They won that war. Blame all white people? Who is racist now, Mr. Neblett?

There are no more black slaves in America, no one picking cotton on a plantation from sunrise to sunset.  Am I missing something? How many blacks are carrying papers these days on their citizenship?

The only slave that has come out within the last year is Sheila Jackson Lee who, on the floor of the House of Representatives, stood proud as a “freed slave.” Was she emancipated before or after she went to Yale and the University of Virginia? She’s attended the schools of the white elite. A poor white kid from Appalachia has a better claim on a life of bitter oppression than she does. A “freed slave”? Did she and Neblett escape from the same plantation?

Toure Neblett isn’t that important, but the constant barrage of hate and racist language that people like him and Sheila Jackson Lee toss around has to be addressed. As they chatter on, waging their war against conservatives (white and black), they make people forget that the real war is against racism. And that’s a dish served up not just by rightwing rednecks, but by well-educated liberals from Emory and Yale. 

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