SeaWorld: Fun rides, awesome water park, and even some education

Do you want to go to a park that your parents will like as much as you do? Choose SeaWorld! Photo: James Picht

SAN ANTONIO, July 7, 2012 — Forget about parks where you just ride a lot of stuff. SeaWorld is a great place for kids and adults to have fun and have a connection with the ocean. But let’s start with the rides. 

“I don’t want to go on the Journey to Atlantis,” my sister complained. “It looks scary.”

“Oh, stop being such a cry baby,” I shot back. Soon we were going up, and up, and up. “Okay, maybe we should think about this again,” I said to no one in particular. “Well, it’s too late now.” (Sigh.) And then we went down. It was short and fast, and I think I left my stomach at the top. The ride ended in a huge splash that got me soaking wet.

Another great ride is the Rio Loco. At first I thought that Rio Loco was going to be a baby boat ride with a tour guide telling us that alligators were going to eat us, and look out for that hippo. It was really a very fun white-water ride with a waterfall that soaked my dad. It was kind of like white water rafting with a big round rubber boat moving through a tight stream, with white water, water jets (they might get you in the face) and a waterfall. 

A good thing about SeaWorld is that adults can enjoy it too. There are shows like the Shamu show (“One World”) and the dolphin and beluga show (“Azul”) in the Azul Stadium. Which means “Blue” Stadium in Spanish. That was a funny show, with parrots and acrobats and divers dressed like sea monsters. There was also a clown who sprayed people in the audience. I liked it, and i would go to it if I were you.

There is an even funnier show called “The Cannery Row Caper.” It is a sea lion show. We didn’t get to see the first part because my dad had to interview some people (Dad’s note: We only missed three minutes, and it wasn’t my fault), but the last part was fun. There were otters, a walrus, and a mystery about stolen fish.

Azul and Cannery Row were about a lot of tricks that looked hard to learn. The trainers and acrobats were doing all sorts of dives and tricks. There were funny parts and sad parts, there were hard parts and easy parts. They had the dolphins do a lot of the tricks, too, having them flip and dive and letting the trainers ride on them. They had even trained some parrots to fly formations over the audience. 

The Shamu show was not as fun. It mostly had a lot of people talking, but there were some tricks done by Shamu. It just wasn’t as fun as the Azul or Cannery Row shows. No one gets in the water with killer whales. 

You’re probably going to have lunch in the park. I recommend Shamu’s Smokehouse. It is a very good restaurant. It can get very crowded during lunch break, but the lemonade is very good (courtesy of Minute Maid). The dessert was a little bit sweet and I couldn’t eat it all. It was some kind of red and blue Jello. It had lots of whipped cream on it. The food is still good, especially the macaroni and cheese and the spareribs. If you don’t like ribs, there are a lot of other restaurants. 

SeaWorld also includes a water park called Aquatica that is awesome. The down side is that it costs an extra $64 for two kids and an adult - kind of expensive, huh? But it was worth the money. First of all there are about nine or ten water slides. There were rays, too, but they are not sting rays, even though all of the signs said that they were. They rays are actually cow nose rays; they do not sting you and you can touch them and feed them, too. You can even get in the water with them for some extra money, but we were too late to do that.

There is a floating river - a river that goes in a big circle and has tubes on it, and you grab one to float around on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you don’t get one, you can still just swim and go around the circle. There’s a sand beach where you get in.

There is a wave pool, and also a very big kiddy pool. One of the water slides is so big that you have to have an adult supervisor or a 14-year-old to go with you. The lines were fast when I was there and the water slides were all high and fun. Plus all the slides only required you to be 42 or 48 inches tall to go on them.

If I were you, I would go to SeaWorld. It’s different, there are fun rides (last year I rode the Steel Eel, a tube hypercoaster that scared me to death and I had to ride twice to be sure I hated it), and it is also educational. So go to SeaWorld to have fun and learn!


SeaWorld parks are located in San Antonio, San Diego and Orlando. Check times for SeaWorld and Aquatica. They don’t open at the same time, and entry to Aquatica is closed when the park is at capacity, so you should schedule your day accordingly, and be careful to check the times of “Azul,” “Cannery Row,” and other shows.

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