Atlanta's World of Coca-Cola: A great family outing

Do you like Coke? Or Fanta, or Tab, or mango-kiwi soda? Do we have a museum for you! Photo: James Picht

ATLANTA, Ga., July 12, 2012 — When you leave the World of Coca Cola you’ll feel like you’re going to explode. Coke makes a lot of different kinds of soda around the world. I mean lots of sodas! And before you leave, you can try 60 of them.

When we first went inside we were led into a room with a bunch of very old Coke artifacts. There was an old soda machine that sold Coke, Sprite, and Fanta for five cents. There was also an old pot (the oldest artifact in the room) that said Coca Cola on it. The biggest artifact was a bottle opener they had to cut down four times before it would fit in the room. The guide asked who was from a foreign country, then from different states. She showed us a Norman Rockwell painting. He painted six for Coke. They have three, and three are missing. If you have one, ask them for a lot of money. They’ll pay. 

The World of Coca-Cola. (Photo: James Picht)

The World of Coca-Cola. (Photo: James Picht)

After that we went to see a short fun video. The video was silly, but I enjoyed it all the same. It was a cartoon about Coke with a lot of weird characters. It didn’t make any sense, but maybe it was just supposed to make you smile. The guide let us go after the movie to see the museum on our own and told us that the soda tasting room was up stairs.

I wanted to go to the the soda tasting room immediately, but my dad wanted to see everything else first. We went past “The Vault,” where they supposedly keep the secret formula for Coke. There was a bottling room where they had bottles going through the machines that clean them and fill them with Coke. There was a room full of stuff like Olympic pins, Coke ads, and Coke machines, including one that they used to dispense Coke in space. 

Upstairs we went to see the Olympic torch that was put there after the Atlanta olympics. My dad was still taking pictures in the main lobby while the rest of us looked at it. The building was really interesting, and he was taking pictures of everything. We then went into the pop culture room, but it was just a bunch of old Coca Cola ads from the 1960’s. Then we went to see another film.

The vault where they keep Coke's secret recipe. (Photo: James Picht)

The vault where they keep Coke’s secret recipe. (Photo: James Picht)

The show was about what makes a Coke a Coke. It was in 3D. It had moving seats, and in the film when they splashed through water, water hit you in the face. I won’t give everything away, but there was a scientist who sort of reminded me of Doctor Who, a ferret that knocked over a bunch of bottles of chemicals, some fruit that exploded into spiked balls and floated out of the screen, and the scientist traveling to places all over the world where they were delivering Cokes. But you’ll just have to go watch it to find out what makes a Coke a Coke!

We finally went to the tasting room, my favorite part. I went straight to the Asian sodas (those were right in front). I immediately tasted one with Chinese letters and a panda on it. Ahhh! It was disgusting! It was way too sweet. I tried some other Asian ones. They were all way too sweet. So I went on to try Fanta Magic from Estonia, one from Djibouti, Lift from Peru, and pineapple Fanta from Greece. The soda from Djibouti tasted like mouthwash. The Lift was okay, and the pineapple Fanta was really good. My mom liked the bitter lemon from England, probably because she grew up in England. My dad liked the Latin American sodas and the mango-kiwi soda from Africa.

The World of Coca-Cola lobby. (Photo: James Picht)

The World of Coca-Cola lobby. (Photo: James Picht)

All of these sodas started to make me sick, so I had to sit down. My dad had me walk around a bit and go look at some more exhibits, but I still wanted to go back and try the real Coke in a separate tasting area. My mom and dad don’t let my sister and me drink Coke at home, but they said we could drink it here. And I wanted my free bottle of Coke at the end. 

We went to the gift shop last. Its a great place to get a Coca Cola souvenir. I ended up getting a T-shirt that said Coca Cola on it in Russian. 

Over all I would give the World of Coke five stars. It’s fun, the exhibits are interesting, you can take some good pictures there, and you can learn all about Coke. You can also try some interesting sodas. It’s fun for children and parents, and it only takes a couple of hours. Check it out next time you’re in Atlanta.

The World of Coca-Cola is located in downtown Atlanta, right next to the Georgia Aquarium. It has its own parking garage, or you can park in aquarium parking and visit both. A World of Coca-Cola ticket gives you a $2 discount on an aquarium ticket. Or if you’re going to be in town for a couple of days, you can buy a multi-site pass and visit these and other Atlanta attractions at a large discount. The aquarium, which houses belugas, manta rays, and whale sharks, is also highly recommended.

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