Minecraft Mod Review: Power of the Elements! Fire/Ice/Lightning

WASHINGTON, June 28, 2013 – This Minecraft mod add tons of new swords, axe, bow, and long range weapons to your Minecraft world.

The Power of the Elements mod gives you the power of nature’s elements for use against your enemies. Each new weapon is crafted with many new ores, or power cells, like the Fire crystal ore, lighting crystal ore, ice crystal ore, air crystal ore, earth crystal ore, copper ore, and tin ore.

Each weapon has its own special abilities; Fire weapons can set things on fire, ice weapons can slow/freeze mobs. With this mod and the new blocks it features, you can give your house an amazing new wizard look and feel   

The ways you can use this mod is endless as it adds many cool and exciting features to your Minecraft game. This mod will work on any peaceful mob, harmful mob, or boss you fight to give you the upper hand, and to attack strong, silent, and deadly.

I enjoyed looking at this mod I will love keeping it as one of the many mods I play with.

This mod is very promising, and maybe in future update there will be other gauntlets so you can obtain other essence from other mobs.

I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I did, if you liked the commentary hit the like. To be kept informed of new reviews, visit my YouTube channel, click the scribe button for more weekly videos.  Contact me through the Ask a Question above and let me know if you have a Minecraft mod you want me to review, or if you would like to review a mod with me. 


Minecraft is an open world game that provides an environment controlled by the player who has infinite freedom in how they will play the game.

The game starts with the player places on the Minecraft surface, a horizontal plane.

Minecraft features two alternate dimensions besides the main world – the Nether and The End. The Nether is a hell-like dimension accessed via player-built portals that contains many unique resources and can be used to travel great distances in the overworld.  The End is a barren land in which a boss dragon called the Ender Dragon dwells.

Modifications of the Minecraft code, called mods, add a variety of gameplay changes, ranging from new blocks, new items, new mobs to entire arrays of mechanisms to craft.

Minecraft mods are created by players and they add content to change or enhance gameplay. These enhancements change the creative feel of Minecraft play, or provide more options for how players can interact with the Minecraft World.

When you install a mod, no matter how simple, it may stop the game from working properly. Always proceed with caution.

(Wikipedia contributed to this description.  Visit for more information on Minecraft and Minecraft Mods.  Thank you!)

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