Vasko Kohlmayer's Globe Archive: August 2011

  • Inflation or deflation: What kind of depression lies ahead?

    Most sober economists agree that the United States is headed for a depression. The question is: What kind of depression will it be? Published August 30 2011

  • Fake economic recovery and the road to the Greater Depression

    No nation has ever become prosperous through unbridled consumption and borrowing. Nations become wealthy when their citizens produce things and save their money. Published August 24 2011

  • Alien encounters of a close kind

    Now we have have another good reason to curb our environmentally irresponsible ways: If we continue polluting our planet, we may be - according to a NASA scientist - annihilated by angry space aliens. Published August 19 2011

  • Investigating S&P: Who is responsible for America's bankruptcy

    Members of Congress want to investigate why S&P lowered our nation’s AAA rating. The answer is right before their eyes: S&P cut America's standing because the US government is bankrupt. Published August 18 2011

  • What happens when the global money standard falls apart?

    We are living through a historic time: What is unfolding before our eyes is nothing less than the unraveling of the present world order. Published August 16 2011

  • Hvar: Exploring a pearl on the Adriatic

    The island of Hvar off the coast of Croatia is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean. A visit there can prompt reflections of many kinds such as: If the world is so magnificent in its present state, how much more beautiful it will be when it is no longer subject to corruption and death. Published August 10 2011

  • The Red Vineyard: The only picture Vincent Van Gogh ever sold (Slideshow)

    This is too often the story of genius, because a genius almost invariably discovers a new way of looking at things. It is this very newness that shocks and offends those used to the old ways. Published August 2 2011

  • Debt ceiling deal does not solve our fiscal woes

    Back slapping and smiles abounded as the president and congressional leaders reached a debt ceiling compromise last night, but the deal does not alter the fact that the US government is saddled with greater obligations than it can conceivably meet. Published August 1 2011

Vasko Kohlmayer

Vasko Kohlmayer

Born and raised under communism, Vasko Kohlmayer is a naturalized American citizen. He has lived in several countries under various forms of government, but he still marvels at the goodness of God and the wonder of life. He has discovered ...

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