Has Adam Kokesh been kidnapped by the Feds? Alex Jones tells all

WASHINGTON, Sunday, May 19, 2013 – Libertarian Blogger’s are on high alert following a notification on Adam Kokesh’s official Facebook page that he had been arrested during a Smoke Down Prohibition event. The note says Kokesh is in federal prison in Philadelphia 

A libertarian anti-war activist and online personality, Adam Kokesh has attracted the attention of authorities for his actions. A Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. and veteran of the Iraq War, Kokesh became a member and leading proponent of Iraq Veterans Against the War in 2007.

In 2011, he and Nathan Cox co-founded the group, Veterans for Ron Paul.

Talk radio host Alex Jones has warned Kokesh on and off the air that, “they are coming after you.” Many believe authorities have been watching Kokesh, while collecting information on the activist. The Smoke Down Prohibition event gave officials the opportunity to arrest Kokesh. He is now in a federal jailhouse after participating in an event to legalize marijuana.

Has Adam been set-up? Do the Feds feel threatened by Kokesh and his movement?

In 2003, Edward Forchion, known to many as NJWEEDMAN, originated what is becoming a regular urban community event called Smoke Down Prohibition. Encouraging people to smoke marijuana in public to agitate, Smoke Down Prohibition aims to legalize marijuana.


Adam Kokesh has been on a campaign movement to gain the Prohibition Smoke Down more statewide recognition. Yet, many bloggers question Kokesh’s method to get attention on this matter.

On Saturday, Kokesh participated in his fifth Smoke Down event.

Yesterday, the posting on his Facebook reads: “Adam has been arrested and is in jail in Philly… I can personally testify that he had not even smoked yet… everyone please phone bomb the Philly police and jail phone lines and demand Adam be released and able to make contact with us… other protesters were actually smoking and released after arrest but Adam was taken away in a white chevy suburban… phone bomb them now!!!”

Many blog sites, including Lilyea from maroonedinmarin,  immediately went on alert about Adam, creating a blog alert of what they call, “phone bombing,” to the jailhouse where Adam is being held. 

They have been demanding that Adam get a phone call and that he be released for his being part of the Smoke Down Prohibition.

Taking an opposing view, Lilyea writes:

“But who goes to pot rally and does not expect to be arrested? It is an illegal drug, for Pete’s sake. You can argue whether it should be legal or not, but it is illegal now, so you are going to be arrested for engaging in consuming the drug. The hippies claim that Kokesh did not have any pot on him when he was arrested, but in the video at the Facebook link you can clearly hear him urging people to fire up their doobies as the cops move through the crowd.

Of course, I lay all of this at the feet of the District of Colombia’s judicial system. Kokesh has been arrested countless times in the District and the judges have all let him off scot-free. He was arrested for putting anti-war posters up in a national park despite police warnings; he scaled barriers to keep protesters off of Capitol grounds.”

Lilyea continues, “Kokesh put up racist, anti-Muslim posters on George Washington University campus and signed the posters with the name of a conservative student organization. The University president vowed that he would make arrests and take action against the conservative students, until Kokesh admitted that he had done it, and then the entire matter was dropped.

No judge has the testicular fortitude to actually punish Kokesh, and like a child, he ups the ante every time, but the government will not set boundaries for him. So I hope they are pleased with the creature that they’ve created with their gutless reaction to the man.”

Lilyea finishes by stating, “This is not who Second Amendment activists need to align themselves with, because Adam Kokesh is not an authentic supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. Kokesh is nothing but a militant rabble-rouser, always breaking some kind of law to get more attention for himself.”

Adam Kokesh has civil and political rights just like every other American citizen. The government appears to have infringed on those rights by targeting him for his anti-government views.

Is there more to this story than what the government is saying?

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