Lil Wayne tramples the flag; Says it wasn't on purpose

WASHINGTON, June 18, 2013 — Did American hip-hop recording artist/rapper Lil Wayne cross the line in his new music video? Footage snippets of his “God Bless America” video appears to show Wayne stomping the American Flag.

There are powerful traditions surrounding the proper treatment of the flag. The flag may be just a piece of cloth and a symbol, but it’s the most honored symbol of our country. Doesn’t Lil’ Wayne, real name, Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. know that stepping on a flag is not “politically correct?” Being born in New Orleans, Carter should know something about the power of symbols, and rich history and how to preserve it.

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While Americans disagree on many issues, most honor the American flag. Honoring the flag pays homage to our ancestors, and to those loved ones who have fought and died for the nation that flag represents.

Not all genres of popular music encourage the same respect for patriotism, life and culture. The lyrics of Wayne’s new song include references to street life and contempt for America.

Carter, a multi-millionaire who raps about the “rough life in America,” lives a life of luxury while wallowing artistically in the poverty that plagues the United States. Ignoring the evidence of his own life, wealth and fame (to say nothing of his friends in the White House), he pretends that what defines America is hopeless oppression and rage.

Lil Wayne Tweet

Lil Wayne Tweet

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Carter lives like a conservative capitalist. He represents music artist Young Money Cash Money (YMCB).

He owns a music label that has in its stable top artists like Nikki Minaj (American Idol Judge), Drake (A former child star from Degrassi and a now famous rapper), Busta Rhymes (Started in the 1990’s and is still a relevant artist), and others.

Wayne also has a column with ESPN, owns Trukfit, is a sponsored artist of Mountain Dew, and has other business interests.

If ever there was a black man who should be on his knees praising America and the free market and the opportunities they give to black Americans, it’s Lil Wayne Carter. 


“God bless America!”

This poor black man from Louisiana has money and influence. Not just a corporate boss and plutocrat, he’s a brand and a trend setter. He leads young teenagers to adults worldwide. 

Did Lil Wayne violate the U.S. Flag Code? Is it illegal to step on the U.S. flag?

There are rules about the display and use of the flag by civilians. There are no penalties for violating them ― the Supreme Court, part of the system that Carter hates in his music, protects flag desecration as political speech ― and a law without a penalty is really only advice.

The court also protects your right to use the “N” word. Why get excited? It’s just a word, a symbol, nothing more. Stomping on a flag, speaking hatefully about a group of people ― they’re both fundamentally the same.

The video is not offensive because of Lil’ Wayne’s lack of respect for “Old Glory.” It’s offensive for what it says to and about America. It’s an ugly profanity, a deliberate, deadly insult to people who suffered and died, not for the flag (only a fool dies for a piece of cloth), but for the country for which it stands. It is an upraised middle finger and a shouted “N” word at the nation. 

The American flag is a strong symbol of American identity; our treatment of it is a reflection of our national pride. The 50 stars symbolize both the states and the heavens; they represent both us and our aspirations.

The stripes of red and white are the original 13 states and the rays of light from the sun.  

One comment to the YouTube video was, “I don’t know why he steps on the US flag, it’s wrong. Each individual should respect his country’s flag.”  

Cap Black The Hood Conservative, another commentator said, “I’m not upset because he & his fellow Black zombies trample the Hood & America daily!”   

The song “God Bless America” is a single from Wayne’s album, “I Am Not A Human Being II”.  Perhaps he is as estranged by his wealth from humanity as he is by his politics from America. The album is reported to be heavy with the political criticism. Wayne is familiar to fans and followers as a rule breaker, a wealthy non-conformist, a rebel with a bank account. All that’s missing to make him a genuine rebel is any real risk.

This is no different from when he wrote “culturally insensitive” lyrics on the death of civil rights icon Emmett Till.

Wayne’s stabs at America show up in many other songs like “Dontgetit,” and “Tha Carter III” single, which slams everything and everyone from sentencing rules to civil rights activist Al Sharpton. Just about everyone can agree with him with regard to some of his targets. Carter has learned that spreading the contempt and shouting different versions of the “N” word is just another way to make a buck in America.

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