Team Romney versus Team Ron Paul: Fighting to make a difference

Which side will make a difference in America: The careful lab technicians of Team Romney's

LOS ANGELES, September 12, 2012 — Which political team - Team Romney or Team Paul - has made a bigger impact on the American people this year? Which team lit the fire under a new generation of young political activists? In the long run, which team will make the bigger difference to America?

Both teams stood their ground, and while Team Paul had enthusiastic rallies from the beginning, by the end of August both were drawing large crowds. 

Team Romney finally won over traditional conservatives, while Team Paul won the hearts of libertarians. Having some fun, let’s call Team Romney “Dexter’s Laboratory” and Team Paul, “The Big Bang Theory.”

Team Romney/Dexter’s Laboratory

This year the RNC showed Mitt Romney as the candidate with a broad and diverse collection of supporters on the stage, from Condi Rice to Mia Love, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to Senate candidate Ted Cruz of Texas, and U.S. Rep. Arthur Davis of Alabama. 

Of note, is that in his role as a leading Democrat, Davis gave the introduction for President Barack Obama at Democratic party’s convention four-years-ago. 

Romney has failed to charge many batteries with less than 60 days left in the race. He has not used the “underground railroad” of 2012 that could have helped to energize and unite the Team Dexter political laboratory. But had he, it would have provided him a network of “secret routes” and “safe houses” to bring 21st century diversified cultures of people out of the bondage imposed by Democratic politics and the economic crises Americans are living with today. 

America’s urban communities need to escape from the failure of Democratic policies imposed on them by outsiders. 

The devastation the Democratic Party has unleashed on urban neighborhoods harms them socioeconomically as their policies create dependency, not strength. Urban America needs to be liberated from the racist, defeatist, self-destructive rhetoric that comes from the Democrats. 

If Romney helps them, the former Governor of Massachusetts could find himself surrounded by new intercity conservatives and libertarians going into the campaign for a second term, abolitionists and allies sympathetic to his cause. For now he is failing to connect with the urban communities, and his team leaders continually derail him from getting voters who are open to listening to his message. 

Team Romney has become a group of lab technicians who fail to put their finger on the pulse of the intercity people. They have only performed the practical hands-on work in the laboratory states they find to be of value to win this race. Simply stated, these political lab-techs are not willing to go “outside of the box” of prior conservative campaigns, unwilling to take chances to win those lost voters who could make or break this race for them. 

Urban communities have become annoyed at Romney’s lack of understanding of and lack of  vocal support for building small businesses for the urban communities.  

Team Ron Paul/The Big Bang Theory

The Republican National Convention may be over, but Ron Paul’s Minnesota’s delegates sure left a big-bang impression as to their views on party rules. 

Many of the delegates were deeply concerned regarding the process. Their endless continued support of Ron Paul as nominee, instead of Mitt Romney, has the Republican Party quietly trying to calm the storm of young intellectuals who are working to render powerless all future delegates of the RNC. 

The typical Ron Paul supporter has loudly expressed his or her independence from the party line. Delegates from Minnesota claim that the types of rule change made last week at the convention will defeat stifle grassroots movements like the one that enabled Paul to win the majority of those Minnesota delegates.

Many felt something wrong before the convention started on Monday. A specially chosen committee endorsed new rules for 2016 RNC that essentially gave the party’s presumptive nominee a new veto power right over delegates, who typically are selected candidates for delegates at the local and state level. 

Under the new rules, a presidential campaign can replace any delegates it does not like. Some have found this to be unfair and unpatriotic, and the proposed rule change set off a firestorm of controversy, and not just among Ron Paul supporters. 

Tea-PAC groups and other conservatives, including U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann and radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, are speaking out against the  proposed changes as well. Anytime quick changes are made on major issues affecting the American people, red flags go up. 

Even with the change, the question of whether these young, geeky, and intellectual political Ron Paul voters will go away remains. Will they be easily scared off by the RNC to start their own party? Or do they have the determination to focus and fight for what the Constitution stands for and hold the RNC accountable? 

The fact that the RNC leadership wants to frequently banter about the rules and regulations of the process of how the delegates are chosen is a clear sign that the Ron Paul supporters need to stand firm on the true scientific theories of what is right and wrong with the GOP.

The Team Paul/Big Bang Theory group are constitutional libertarians that, with surprising frequency, ignited the Ron Paul movement through blogging and videos. 

No matter which team you are on, the more staid conservative or the passionate youth, we have to stay ignited for justice. Willie Lawson of the Willie Lawson show says: 

“One has to understand the frustration contained in what continues to be this “get along to get along” ride into disaster. I have come to the conclusion however, that more people have become more vigilant and active. I think with that we can continue to move the country back closer to the founder’s inventions. 

“But, I don’t think that the election of any one person will make the difference. 

“I think that we should consider more the kind of people they are getting into local offices. I think that the make-up of congress should continue to be addressed. State governments understand their protection from the federal government through the 10th amendment. People have to continually use the power of the voting process and speak out.”


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