Reactive vs.ProActive: President Obama did not prepare

Taking the upper hands means being proactive

LOS ANGELES, October 4, 2012 – Wednesday night we saw the first of three presidential debates this election season between Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. Republican and Democrat groups throughout the nations were hosts to debate viewing parties to listen to challenger Governor Mitt Romney’s plan for job creation and economic vitality.

After a long campaign season, let the games began!

Clearly the President did not realize he was entering a boxing match. He was more reactive versus proactive throughout the duration of the debate. As millions of Americans watched the battle, the President clearly looked irritated several times during the debate.

One can now openly see President Obama’s advisors have a lot of work a head of them to do.

As for the moderator Jim Lehrer he was the worse we have ever seen, having no control of when to start or when to end. Going so far as to coach each side on what they were trying to say.

President Obama was addressing the question on Obamacare when Lehrer told him, “Two minutes are up.”“I had five-seconds before you interrupted me,” Obama shot back. The quip prompted a murmur sound from the debate audience.

Jim Lehrer continuing to let Obama finish his answer, before telling him, “Your five-seconds went away a long time ago.”

While Jim Lehrer showed no control of the debate, President Obama was not prepared. Without the use of a teleprompter it seems obvious Obama did not prepare for this debate.

President Obama opening remarks include that the debates were interfering with his 20th anniversary night.

Obama held his head down too much throughout the debate with Mitt Romney. We know today that Obama was gathering his thoughts on what to say next. His body languages stated trouble from start to finish.

A clear sign of how arrogant President Obama has become about having to do this debate, or maybe he was running to go celebrate with Michelle, President Obama raced off the stage.

All in all it means that President is taking the race for granted and the viewers are watching. Mitt Romney laid all the facts on the table from taxes, spending, health care, and how we as Americans can recover from these times.

Romney nailed it when he talked about how to fix the economy as well as his views of taxing the middle class, while Obama was trying to put words into his mouth about the tax reform.

Mitt Romney stuck to the facts of the matter repeating over and over so his views were made clear.

Diane Lenning on Facebook of California stated: “Yay! No Doubt about it! Romney WON the Debate Tonight! Romney outperformed Obama tonight, Hands Down! Romney did his homework! Romney took every issue and went toe to toe with Obama, and didn’t let him get away with misleading nuances!

Romney got an A on the answers while looking presidential!

Mitt Romney was proactive throughout the debate showing changes that involved actively attempting to show and alterations of views for the American people to consider. Romney wanted the viewers to look at the hard facts of Americans problems and take a proactive approach to challenges we are feeling in our country today and are often a positivity potential future threat or to capitalize on a potential future opportunity if he is elected President.

President Obama responded as if he never saw the questioning of his past four years coming. Obama was in a reactive mode of changes that occurred while Governor Romney continues to promote his plan of action to make changes in American practices.

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