Who are you hiring for President?

Its not so much that we are electing, which is an emotional decision, but hiring, which is a business decision, our next president.

LOS ANGELES, October 23, 2012 ­ — On November 6th the American people will have to make a decision to hire the right man for the job of our 45th President. A decision not based on race or religion but based on his abilities to handle the problems that exist at this time.

Two weeks before the election, many voters are confused; they are still undecided on whom to vote for - Governor Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama. This leads to a fear that some Americans may act emotionally not responsibly in deciding who to choose.

It may help if you consider that your job as an American is to look at the presidency as a job for hire, and you are the boss. Your job is to find the person who has the ability to oversea the housing, economic, environmental, employment, foreign policy, and even agricultural needs of the American people.

In the debates, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are fighting to present their qualifications for the leadership position of the free world. We have less than 20 days left in this race, and the decision as to who will command this country is now open for hire.

The American people will vote for the person they believe is the best man for the job.  They will decide between Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. The American people are the employer who will set the tone, via whom they elect, for the next 4 years. And our present state demands that we choose wisely.

IN 2008, Americans fell in love with the idea of hope and change, thinking one man could conjure up a quick fix to their problems. In the end, the people may have hired the wrong guy.

The debates, websites, articles, and news shows are part of what you have had to weigh the individual capabilities of both men. You have also had press briefings, campaign rallies and roasts.   

You also have the last four years of the present administration and over the last four years Americans’ vision for hope and change judgment has been clouded, our lifestyle, bank accounts, and security, compromised.

We are living with fewer luxuries, going out less, and gas prices are not turning around. President Obama has proven that his ability to turn the US economy around is moving too slowly to stop the America’s economic bleeding. In four years he has created more national debt than President Bush created in 2008, and the American people have less work now than we did four years ago.

In September The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the principal fact-finding agency, stated forty-one states and the District of Columbia reported over-the-month unemployment rate decreases, six states had increases, and three show no change.

Nonfarm payroll employment shows an increase in thirty-five states and the District shows a decrease in fifteen states. Yet more people are now signed up for food stamps, there are more homeless Americans and many feel that the positive job numbers are due to jobs that are not skilled, but rather low wage, or negatively influenced as people ‘age’ out unemployment benefits.

The game changing decision that is your vote requires we reassess who we are as country and what are the visions for America that the candidates have – either the big business of Romney or the big Government of President Obama.

Personally, it seems we have been held hostage in our own country, have endured a whiplash in our personal finances for the last four years, and that we are fed-up with the sluggish lack of growth as we continue to roll down the mountainside.


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Shirley Husar

Shirley Husar is an urban conservative freelance writer and licensed real estate agent, CEO of Herizon Plus Real Estate Development living in Los Angeles, California. Personal Appointed by the 38th Governor Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger to the position of Governor Appointee Board Member for The Geologists and The Geophysicists for the State of California Governor Appointee Board Member served for 4 years.

Server as a California Republican Party Delegate for 10 years and was an RNC Delegate for 2004. Follower Shirley at TwitterFacebook and her blog, Urban GameChanger.com; The National known Hip Hop Republican.TV and Hip Hop Republican.com

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