The California state election is as important as the Presidential

The leadership of the California Congressional and Assembly seats has been given an opportunity to inject new blood into the state government.

LOS ANGELES, November 5, 2012 – The leadership of the California Congressional and Assembly seats has been given an opportunity to inject new blood into the state government. Jack Orswell and Dr. Matthew Lin, candidates for 27th Congressional and the 49th State Assembly Districts, respectively, present the hope of a fresh new perspective to the California voters.

Californians need to be liberated from the self-destructive rhetoric that comes from the Democrats, and Jack and Matthew are just the ones to free them.

Jack Orswell is a retired Special Agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, serving for more than fifteen years. His platform revolves around support for local business owners and creating more jobs. His website states:

“We have a problem: 14 million unemployed people in the United States cannot find a job. They are educated, trained and ready to go to work. Unfortunately, there are very few jobs available. Why is there a lack of available jobs? According to a study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2007 through the middle of 2011, the main cause of job losses from serious layoffs is not from government regulations, supply issues, technical advances, or the lack of available credit.

The main cause is a lack of demand for products and services, by a factor of 200-to-1. A survey by the National Federation of Independent Businesses backs this up. The survey of small businesses found 33% of those said poor sales were holding them back.

So what is the answer?

Unfortunately, both of those industries are burdened with heavy government oversight. We need to listen to education and health professionals as to how we can help support them. We are a nation of creative, hard-working people, and we deserve a government that supports the people who create jobs and can get America back to work.”

Jack is well liked throughout all of the communities in the 27th, especially amongst the Asian community. For example, Dr. William Chang—prominent member of The Asian American Economic Development Enterprises—states, “We support Jack Orswell, and his new vision and ideas of economic development growth that is needed in Monterey Park.”

He is the beginning of the winds of change.

Dr. Matthew Lin continues the tempest. Like many conservatives, Dr. Lin has a clear understanding of building up one’s self through perseverance and allowing hard times to strengthen your resolve. 

Lin grew up in a poor small village, along with his five siblings; the son of a dishwashing orphan with a third grade education. At the age of eight, he was sent to Taipei to be educated. He came to the United States with a total of three hundred dollars sewn into his pocket, but he would eventually complete his orthopedic residency and fellowship at the renowned John Hopkins University and Union Memorial Hospital .

After which he built the International Cancer Center in Monterey Park, and opened a liver treatment center in the San Gabriel Valley. He has created thousands of jobs while helping the community. Dr. Lin knows how to build a business, how to take care of a community, and how to get our economy growing again without depending on the government to do so.

His website states: “California is in a fiscal mess because our leaders have the wrong priorities. High Speed Rail is a good example. What started as a $9 billion dollar bond has mushroomed into a $100 billion project, because of fiscally irresponsible practices by the High Speed Rail Commission. All of this money would buy is just a few hundred miles of railroad track – not enough to solve traffic congestion or improve our economic competitiveness”.

Jack and Dr. Lin are examples of the new generation of Republican candidates that are springing up all over the country. Once upon a time, California was written off regarding the GOP.

With candidates united like Jack and Dr. Lin, that is are coming to an end. Jack Orswell and Matthew Lin are fighting for a chance to get rid of big government and dependency programs. They are fighting for lower taxes and more personal responsibility. What California needs is jobs, and people in Sacramento who fight to bring them. California needs leaders who fight for the urban communities and the mom and pop business.

These new Republicans are bringing new ideas and new energy to the table, in order to change the urban communities and grow the small businesses into powerful contributors in this great state, contributors that actively provide goods and services to their communities and mentor new business creation for all California.


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Server as a California Republican Party Delegate for 10 years and was an RNC Delegate for 2004. Follower Shirley at TwitterFacebook and her blog, Urban; The National known Hip Hop Republican.TV and Hip Hop

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