Blue Dog Democrats and Decline to State voters are swaying California toward Ron Paul

LOS ANGELES, May 12, 2012 — There is a new revolution happening in California, and this time it is not coming from the Left or the Right, but from the Center. The people are adopting new identities: the “Decline to State” and “Blue Republicans”.

These two groups, both inclined toward the Center or toward candidates outside of the mainstream, are poised to have a big impact upon California’s upcoming primary.

For starters, the Ron Paul supporters—many of them independents, Libertarians, or Democrats—are registering as so-called “Blue Republicans.”  Not to be confused with the Blue Dog Democrats—the socially conservative and rapidly diminishing wing of the Democrat party—these voters are changing their party during the 2012 election cycle for the sole purpose of voting for Ron Paul in California’s Primary.

Their website states that these intensely passionate Blue Republicans who desire to bring a new vision to the White House, must register in California by May 21st in order for their votes to resonate within the California political system, especially the California Republican Party.

They are not alone in their passion and their desire to upset the system. In California, it seems that a large group of voters refuse to declare allegiance to either or any party, instead choosing to register as a “decline to state” (DTS).

These DTS voters are a highly sought-after voting block in California—and so coupled with the Blue Republicans, it appears that California is now becoming a very important swing state; even more so regarding the recent attempts to remake the GOP in a kinder and gentler image. According to recent polls, Ron Paul support in California is countable. This makes the Texas congressman an ideal candidate for DTS voters and Blue Republicans, because of his outside-of-the-mainstream views and his appeal to both sides of the aisle.

These “Ron Paul Deciders” could see the candidate as the payoff for their lack of support for a mainstream party candidate.

In  an article to the Los Angeles Times written on 2010 April 4, Catherine Decker said of the DTS and Blue Republican voters:

“Nonpartisan voters account for 20% of the electorate in California. Their numbers began burgeoning as a consequence of deep economic changes in the state. In the early 1990s, the traditional defense, finance, and manufacturing industries that had powered the California economy and defined its politics began giving ground to information and entertainment companies. Their workers were more centrist, better educated, more diverse, and utterly uninterested in politics as it had been practiced by their parents’ generation.”

It appears that moderate, centrist, outside-the-mainstream candidates—such as Ron Paul—are the type of candidate that arouses the interest of this growing constituency.

There are several outlying reasons for this fact—a large state with several urban centers and many rural factors that bring a split in the voting—but the end result is that when the two major parties are as quarrelsome as they are in the Golden State, then the non-partisan or perceived outsiders gain strength.

Thus, California politicians who win elections tend to hover around the Center in politics, whether their party leans to the Left or the Right. A recent LA Times/USC Poll shows that the non-partisans, DTS voters and Blue Republicans have the same ideology: politically centrist, usually tending to be fiscally conservative and socially moderate.

The DTS’ and the Blue Republicans are a clear display of a generational move away from the mainstream. They seek to avoid the continual disconnect and bring politics out of the Country Clubs back to the mainstream.

The Ron Paul Republican Party has a chance to shift the vision of what has always been looked at as a sure win for the Democrats. Encourage the young generation to get involved, stay involved, and start running for local offices as a RPRP for California. The question is, do the California RP’ers have a clear consistent strategy of action to change enough minds of Californians that are not registered Republican to become one before the deadline of May 21, 2012? Blue Republicans must be encouraged to stay involved with your local government. Do not let the current administration get away with the continual disconnection of the next generation of leaders that are representing the cause.

Up and coming leaders such as Donna Lowe, a candidate running for office in the new 41st district, will be that next generation of “local hope” the government needs that values respect and connects with the Ron Paul supporters. She is a candidate you must to look at. As their local girl going back to the Constitutional ways of Ron Paul, Donna Lowe believes the size of the federal government must be decreased substantially and that local government needs to bring manufacturers back to California.

This new movement to the Center and away from the extremism of both parties may not significantly help Ron Paul’s floundering campaign. However, his ideology based upon libertarian principles and his movement away from the mainstream of the party may be indeed inspiring a new generation of voters—both Blue Republicans and those who Decline To State—to let their centrist voices be heard out on the Left Coast.

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Server as a California Republican Party Delegate for 10 years and was an RNC Delegate for 2004. Follower Shirley at TwitterFacebook and her blog, Urban; The National known Hip Hop Republican.TV and Hip Hop

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