Governor George Romney supported Black Civil Rights. Will President Mitt?

Mitt Romney may be the best, and only, candidate for the black urban intercity communities, learning from his father that you have to take bold moves against the wrongs of America. Photo: Governor

LOS ANGELES, March 13, 2012—In 1963, George Romney gave the keynote address at the conference that sparked the Martin Luther King “Freedom Marches” in Detroit.

The first King event was the Metropolitan Conference on Open Occupancy, held in Detroit in January, 1963. The second was the Martin Luther King Freedom March, in June of the same year. According to Joe Darden, “the spin offs of [that march] were several Detroit NAACP-sponsored interracial marches into the Detroit suburbs.” (Detroit, Race and Uneven Development, by Joe T. Darden, 1987, pg 132.

Governor Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney, marched with Martin Luther King, Jr., showing clearly that he stood solidly in favor of Civil Rights.

The question about Mitt Romney is, does the apple fall far from the tree?

What real efforts will Mitt Romney make to show his connection to the civil rights movement that his father embraced in 1963?

Today the urban social programs created in the wake of the Civil Rights movement by Democratic leaders are subsidized by the states and counties. Rather than take responsibility for themselves, people in these communities depend on government, with local government subsidizing the self-aggrandizing programs of national Democrats.

Democrats have been playing the shell game for too long, taking more money out than they are helping the cities to bring in.

For forty years urban communities have lost time as we’ve watched the disintegration of local businesses, the absence of economic growth, and political corruption divert funds from the right people to the coffers of politicians. Inner cities’ local leadership payrolls grow, and the people are taxed directly, and indirectly by the loss of jobs and income, to compensate for the failures of the community. Not believing in building wealth within the community, its leaders pursue policies and programs that prevent the community from creating and supporting businesses that will bring in profits and jobs. They don’t really care: Profits are created by the people, for the people, and they reduce dependence on government.

Mitt Romney may be the candidate with the best bag of apples for the black urban communities. He has learned from the daring actions of his father, who put his family at risk by his participation in the civil rights movement, that a powerful vision lets you take bold moves against the wrongs of America.

It can expose deception and create new standards of what is right for all people.

That is what his father did by going against the injustices that were standard in America before 1963, opposing even some common Mormon beliefs for the betterment of his fellow men. He did not think of himself, but of deeper principles, some of them deeply nourished by his religion. His father marched with Dr. King, and Mitt Romney has been brought up to appreciate Black and Hispanic culture all of his life.

Romney is the most successful businessman of the current presidential candidate crop left in the race. He is a roll model to Black Americans and urban people of all cultures when it comes to hard work and business effort.

Being the $200 million man is not a bad thing; it looks very good on the resume of a man seeking the job of President of the United States of America.

The urban communities’ “mom and pop” businesses would benefit from Romney’s knowledge and ideas. If they were open to these ideas, they would transform themselves into more effective small capitalists who would actively provide a stream of goods and services to their communities and mentor new business creation.

Romney could open their eyes to the fact that social programs are failing while the cities go broke. Urban social programs are a drain on local governments, and they don’t encourage the creation of new jobs and wealth. They put off the day when these communities can support businesses that will let urban Black people support themselves.

The GOP should learn from its past. George Romney walked into a Negro Civil Rights rally in the heart of Atlanta to the chants of “We Want Romney.” He heard the protests of the Black community about city schools. He was bold and stood up for what was right. What happened to Republican leaders of that stature?

Republicans are losing valuable opportunities as they travel across the country to connect with black churches, hang out at block party events, court local black Republicans and GOP clubs, and address urban town hall meetings. Republican presidential candidates need to know that now is the time to invest in small, local black papers, to fill urban radio airtime with ads, and do call-ins on local morning black radio stations to promote themselves.

By creating their own cheerleading squads and not being afraid of black people, they might learn that we are not all fans of the Black Caucus.

George Romney walked into a Negro Civil Rights rally with the conviction that enough is enough. He showed it by walking in unison with men who were told they had no value as men.

The GOP candidates should man-up and be risk takers. Over the years they’ve hired young college undergraduates, mostly white and middle class, to work as staffers who hold positions of authority. They oversee the smaller cities’ meet and greet events, but they have little to no life experience in the urban communities.

Having too many of them is costly and a bad strategic move for Republican candidates.

Governor George Romney (white shirt middle) marches for Civil Rights in Michigan

Governor George Romney (second from left) marches for Civil Rights in Michigan

Republican candidates, stop living in fear that you will be called “racist,” for most black people have already concluded that you are. Many black people feel you do not care for them, you only want to tax them and help the rich. They have been brainwashed by social programs and liberals like Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel for over 40 years.

This is a job for Superman. Will Mitt Romney be that Superman? Being his father’s son, honoring the Romney name and the work of his father as a leader in the civil rights movement would be a start. Mitt Romney needs to show his dedication to civil rights to the urban community of 2012 and disarm the social mind games the democrats have played so well.

It will not happen over night. Ignore the likes of Rangel and Waters, give no fuel to their mad fire. Your job is to continually prove them wrong by hiring strong, powerful, opinionated voices of reason and bringing black Republican staffers into the political game. A Romney needs to be a man of action. Support and embrace black capitalists as you travel the campaign trail. Tell the black community that capitalism is about people hiring people, creating and growing jobs. Jobs are so needed today.

When the apple does not fall far from the tree, it has to outshine the tree and move forward in ways unknown to his father. Mitt Romney needs to take bolder moves in his chase for the race, as his father did. The myth would then be dissolved that Republicans do not give a hoot about black people.

Mitt Romney needs to use the underground railroad of 2012. It will provide him a network of secret routes and safe houses to bring 21st-century Blacks out of the bondage of Democratic politics. The people of America’s urban communities need to escape from the failure of Democratic policies and the devastation they wreak on urban neighborhoods. They need to be liberated from the racist, defeatist, self-destructive rhetoric that comes from the Democrats. If Mitt Romney were to help them, he’d find himself surrounded by new black abolitionists and allies sympathetic to his cause.

We have a common cause today with conservative, libertarian and independentRepublicans, but it is being ignored. Urban communities across the country are laying down a new set of railroad tracks for underground movement. The GOP must get on board. If it does, it will find us ready to take a bite out of that apple. 

We will no longer be shut out. We are the voice of the 21st century and we will be heard. We are Urban Game Changer.

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