The Ron Paul Revolution becomes a distraction if supporters just fade away

The Ron Paul Revolution has broadcast Dr. Paul's platform far and wide.  Now it is time to keep the momentum going.

LOS ANGELES June 11, 2012 – The Blue Republican website states, “We are former non-Republicans who are joining the Republican Party for one year to help Ron Paul win the GOP nomination for President in 2012.”

Only one year? Really? What change by revolution do you plan on making doing the one-year you are playing in the political circles?

And with that statement, the Ron Paul generation movement has becomes nothing more than a distraction.


Because many Ron Paul supporters have declared they will quit the fight after the 2012 presidential race. They do not have the understanding of the complexity of being a candidate running for the presidency. Their strategy of acquiring candidate wins across the states, have become lackluster. Ron Paul loses to Mitt Romney by about 80% of the voters that voted against Ron Paul in California. 


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The Ron Paul supporters talk about this is the beginning of the “new revolution,” yet the website says something very different. One year will not be enough to bring any type of revolution. It will only bring a “feel good moment in history” of a bunch of young 2012 hippies with no real results coming out of the 2012 political cycle.

Where were the Ron Paul supporters when it came to Election Day in California? On June 5th, Ron Paul won 10.2 % or 169,668 votes vs. Mitt Romney 79.7% that is equal to 1,328,415 votes. There are more than 37.5 million people living in the state of California. Out of that 37.5 million, only 2 million came out to vote on June 5th.

On the 3rd of May 2012, there were over 5,000 Ron Paul supporters standing in line to see Ron Paul at California State University Fullerton. On April 4 Ron Paul had UCLA students hanging out of trees. Not enough room to see? Climb a tree! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! There was sited to be over 7,000 people at this event.

Yet when it came to Election Day, Ron Paul supporters have a pattern of not following through and getting the vote in for Ron Paul. If the Ron Paul supporters were able to grab 10% of the state population they would have received about 3.7 million voters, but they did not.

If Ron Paul supporters would have gotten 1% of the state population they would have received about 370,000.00 votes.  But they did not.

If the Ron Paul supporters would have gotten 1/2% of the state population, they would have received about 180,000 votes.  But they did not.

Ron Paul received 120,000 votes on June 5th, 2012. It takes money and numbers to win this race and Ron Paul supporter seem to not only be broke, but also to lack the organization needed to get out the vote.

If Ron Paul were elected tomorrow, the Ron Paul “spiritual movement” would not change anything regarding urban local government. So many corrupt politicians in California have led the people down a path of hopelessness as they go with the flow that runs urban government. Corruption is so rampant, California is on the verge of bankruptcy. On the other hand, we need candidates who support the Constitution the way Ron Paul does.

We need Ron Paul candidates running for local offices like State Assembly, Senate, and Congress. School boards, water boards, and city council members all need to be run by Ron Paul supporters. What is clear, this is Ron Paul’s revolutionary movement, but will the “Paul movement” become just a waste of time, or the actions of a new beginning?

On the website Liberty Candidates there are five candidates running in the state of California. John Fitzgerald: Liberty Candidate for U.S. House, California is one of them. On Fitzgerald’s Face book page he states: “I am running for Congress as a Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives, CA-11, in the 2012 June primary”.

Ron Paul is running under the Republican ticket, and John Fitzgerald is running under the Democrat ticket. This is confusing to the elecgtorate, trying to identify members of the liberty movement.  Why are the “Liberty Candidates” not organizing to stand under the same banner? Why wouldn’t the liberty movement have a clear understanding of how the system works best as a united front rather than a divided revolution?

Without a motivational strategy consistently bringing to the forefront fundamental governmental values that need to be brought back to America after the Presidential race, the RP movement will continue to fail. The “good ol’ boy club” in the GOP is dying off. In a time where leadership has forgotten about the people of America and their needs, the Ron Paul followers have the opportunity to become the new leaders. The emotions of Americans are at an all time high, when people are seriously hurting, and feel betrayed by their leaders in America. If the Ron Paul supporters are real about the movement and, not in it just to be a distraction, then the revolution could have hope. By having their to be some real long term fighters of Blue Republicans that stay with the Republican Party to fight for the cause of Paul, the next generation of Americans have a chance and could take charge. In order to win you have to endure.

“Endurance is nobler than strength and patience than beauty” says John Ruskin.

If Ron Paul is the true “Champion of the Constitution,” his troops have to have a strategy in getting more people to register to vote. They need other non-republican party members to rise up and re-register to vote as Republican to vote in the primary election for Ron Paul. Becoming a Republican and staying a Republican to fight for the cause of Paul, the Ron Paul Revolution can have true effect.

Just because it is a favorite with the online views of support for Ron Paul, does not mean he could win. There is no point in talking about Dr. Paul and his vision if you are not going to submit your votes versus your “clicks online”, just talking all the time. Action speaks louder than words. Like it or not, without money, votes, and structuring a plan that generates actuarial movement to bring the revolution to fruition, your days are numbered.

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