Black History Month: A Republican opportunity to connect with Black voters (Original video)

Black History Month offers the GOP presidential candidates great opportunities to build bridges to urban communities. Will they instead cede the game to Obama? Photo: Ade Russell (Flickr)

LOS ANGELES, February 5, 2012—Black History Month has traditionally been an uncomfortable month for Republican Presidential Candidates. Bold move, Mr. President, but you are safe. This is Black History month right? So it is safe to do a promotional African-American vote-for-Obama video.

Now the question is, what are the GOP candidates going to do? On February 2, the OBAMA camp announced the launch of “African-Americans for Obama.” The President said ,”There’s no better time than African-American History Month to consider the tremendous progress we’ve made through the sacrifice of so many—or a better time to commit to meeting the very real challenges we face right now”. 

Politics is a game of chess and poker. It is a game of strategy. If you are going to be a piece on the game board, you’d better know when to move. Let’s watch these next 25 days and see what bold moves come out of the RNC and the camps of the GOP Presidential candidates. Now is the time to connect with black people and foster communication with urban communities.

Obama made a clear strategic move with his video. Now it’s the GOP’s move.

According to Samuel R. Smith II, “The GOP candidates will do nothing. They will focus on Hispanics. At the Values Voter Summit in DC they have a Hispanic forum. Nothing for African-Americans. They have given up on blacks a long time ago. That is why in many online chat rooms people believe Marco Rubio is more vital to the GOP than Allen West.”

The first GOP Presidential candidate who is bold enough to “step into the water of risk” this month will win the support of black voters. The odds are it will be Newt. He has a couple of black bloggers on his staff who are keeping him culturally in tune. We all know Newt Gingrich has more rocks in his bag than Charlie Brown, which is why he may get the pass with black people, who love the underdog doing Black History Month. He has a fair understanding of black culture, and he is smart enough to hold the clear vision that every vote will count. Newt is a seasoned pro-player of politics and will play this well. 

Ron Paul will never throw in the towel on black America. Ron Paul is in it to win it. The black support for him online is still growing. African-Americans on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites love this man. Ron Paul is a shot of excitement, but for many he’s too much to handle. For those who do become true masters of the game of politics, Ron Paul tears open hard issues quickly with facts and truths some cannot bear. Ron Paul is loved by many black people because he speaks the heart of the matter from a libertarian view point.

Rick Santorum will just sit on the sidelines during Black History month. Santorum is the GOP candidate to most clearly express cultural and political societal traits of racism. He never says anything overtly racist, but Santorum walks on the borderline of what is called “Embedded Racism,” a term used to describe the display of subtle racist tendencies or delivery of racist subliminal messages, oftentimes without the speakers knowing they’ve said anything offensive. The solution to his problem is to hire a team of active loyal Republicans of color for a culture awareness committee. This committee would consult along side with him during the campaign trail to take advantage of the disconnect the Republicans have with urban communities and make small strategic stops in Black-owned businesses in black neighborhoods. This would dissolve the myth that Republicans do not give a hoot about black people. He needs to sit down to listen, learn, and connect. This would be a bold and risky move yet one that he needs for redemption. 

Mitt Romney may be the candidate with the best hand of cards. His father marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, and he has been brought up with Black and Hispanic culture all of his life, yet he is surrounded by staffers who have yet to see the opportunity to show the cards. Watch him fold on this one, not knowing he holds the cards to winning the game for Black history month. Mitt needs to be schooled to the urban street game. He needs some ”cool” aides around him who know how to bring in black historical ties to business for black history month.

Romney is the most successful businessman of the current candidate crop. He is a roll model to Black Americans when it comes to money. Being the $200 million man is not a bad thing. The urban “mom and pop” local shops would benefit from his knowledge. Small capitalists who actively provide a stream of good and services would be open to mentoring in their communities. Romney needs to open their eyes to the fact that social programs are failing and cities are going broke. Urban social programs are subsidized by the states and counties, they are not creating enough revenue for cities, they take more money out than they bring in, and they put off the day when these communities can support businesses that will bring in profits. 

Republicans are losing valuable opportunities while they travel across the country to connect with black churches, hang out at block party events, court local black Republicans and GOP clubs, and address urban town hall meetings. Black History Month is the time to invest in small, local black papers, to fill urban radio air time with ads, and do call-ins on local morning black radio stations to promote themselves. By creating their own cheerleading squads and not being afraid of black people, they might learn that we are not all fans of the Black Caucus.

The GOP candidates should man-up and be risk takers. Over the years they’ve hired young college undergraduates, mostly white and middle class, to work as staffers who hold positions of authority. They oversee the smaller cities’ “meet and greet“ events, but they have little to no life experience to the urban communities. Having too many of them is costly and a bad strategic move for Republican candidates.

Candidates, stop living in fear that you will be called “racist,” for most black people have already concluded that you are one. Many black people feel you do not care for them, you only want to tax them and help the rich. They have been brainwashed by social programs and liberals like Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel for over 40 years.

This is a job for Superman, so it will not happen over night. Ignore the likes of Rangel and Waters, give no fuel to their mad fire. Your job is to continually prove them wrong by hiring strong, powerful, opinionated “voices of reason,“ black Republican staffers. Show support for black capitalists during Black History Month. Tell the black community that capitalism is about people hiring people by creating and growing jobs.

Set up urban black communities headquarters now and stop wasting time. Take advantage of opportunities created by the disconnect that Republicans have with urban communities. Take small strategic stops in Black communities and share a direct clear vision of what you would do for them. The myth would then be dissolved that Republicans do not give a hoot about black people.

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