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LOS ANGELES, February 25, 2012 – The Burlingame California Republican Party 2012 Spring Convention began on February 24, 2012 with Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro stating that there is “communication deficit” in the state and that the GOP is failing to reach out to specific voters on issues that excite them.

The question is, who are they hoping to communicate better with?

Former GOP presidential contender Herman Cain will speak today on the agenda that will be “town halls” for Latino, Asian and young voters, ground-game workshops, and hobnobbing galore.

Yet what about the Afro-American communities? What about the California Republican Woman leaders needed in office?

Who is communicating with them?

With the ‘communication deficit’ focus, the Republican Party is failing to see the big white elephant in the room, the City and County of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles should be the theme for this years Spring California Republican Party Convention (CRP). With a population of 3,792,621, according to the 2010 United States Census, Los Angeles is the most populous city in the state of California.

Los Angeles is our money hole. It is where the CRP can make inroads.

Traditionally, Democrats have so much power over the state and federal money movement that all Republicans do is bury their heads in the sand, however this year, with so much disastisfaction with the Obama adminstration across the demographics, that could change.  

The CRP ignoring LA city and coutines allowing the Democrats rule of the roost of our central power is the real problem in the state of California. It is not communication.

While Democrats waste state and federal money like a teenager spending their father’s no-limit credit card, the Republican party is not breaking their choke hold. The CRP cannot stop the bleeding.

An example is Harold & Belle’s Creole Restaurant, which has been bringing a bit of New Orleans to Jefferson Boulevard and just happens to be a popular watering hole for Democrat politicians who seem to enjoy talking business over home cooked gumbo and jambalaya.

Earlier this month, City Hall council members quietly approved a 20-year low-interest loan of up to $2,629,000 for Ryan Legaux, grandson of founders Harold and Belle Legaux, to purchase the restaurant.

It would also cover the $351,000 cost of rehabbing and expanding the business, including the purchase of a $95,000 food truck.

On October 23, 2011 Steve Lopez of the The Los Angeles Times questioned the the proposal stating:

“The question is whether a government agency ought to be getting into the always-risky restaurant business. Another question is whether pumping money into a high-end restaurant is really the best use of funds primarily intended for economic development in blighted communities. If you’re going to charge $31 for the seafood platter or $26 for fried chicken, should you be bankrolled with tax dollars that might otherwise be spent on low-income housing or fixing a rec center or library?”

So how did this happen? Where is the Republican party response to this?

There was none and the Republican Party leaders were absent, and they were silent and they did not speak out.

Simply put, California Republicans are foolishly staying in their holes while the Democrat party politicians run the city, as they have for the last forty years.

Lopez continues his October 23, 2011 story with:

“Councilman Herb Wesson said the city’s Community Development Department came to him with the idea, since the restaurant is in his district. He supported the loan as a good way to maintain 50 or so jobs, create a couple dozen new ones and keep a good restaurant in an area that has too few. Wesson also told me that this is not city money, but federal money.”

OK, so it’s money drained from a pool that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development makes available to Los Angeles for grants and loans. But tax dollars are tax dollars. Money is money. Wasting money from anywhere means it is not available where it is needed.

Wesson argued that the same HUD loan program, known as Section 108, kicked millions into renovations at the Kodak Theatre so Cirque du Soleil would sign a contract there.

Actually, it was a $30-million loan for a billion-dollar development company called CIM Group, which likes doing projects in areas where they can belly up to the public trough and drink from an endless river of subsidies.

The government subsidizes that group, whose end product most citizens cannot afford, instead of focusing on a plan to develope a balance of urban Republican women leaders who are desperately needed because the CRP is not there fighting for those dollars and programs that would actually help the state and people.

The Republican Party has failed when it comes to Hispanics, Blacks and Latinos. This is nothing new. Yes, communication is important. 

But talk won’t fix what is wrong.

The CRP fails to have an understanding of how to win the congressional seats in urban cities of Los Angeles. When it comes to Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City Republican leadership representation, you can hear crickets in the room.

The City of Los Angeles does not like, engage or negotiate with any Republican leadership ergo CRP has no power in these wasteful controlling districts, which have been dominated by Democrats for over 40 years.

That the CRP is afraid to address the real problems of the state and they have no control of the social subsidies spending going on in California is the problem. Not communication.

The theme for this year convention is ‘Communication Deficit,’ but the question is why is there a deficit of communication when it comes to the party of wealth and limit government?

The answer is because the CRP has no control, living within its own bubble, allowing the democrats to run  this state into the ground by picking their favorite restaurant business for subsidies with state and federal monies.

The California Democrats find the Republican Party to be silent, laughable, when it comes to having a voice to how they spend state and federal money.

If California Republicans want to win elections, they need to rally behind ideas of how to get these overspending out of control social urban leaders out of office. They need to respond to the over zealous spending of the Democratic party.

This state is going broke and we run local business with favors and under table deals an the CRP stays silent. 

The question is, will the CRP communicate the real issues of Democratic waste so that voters know where their tax dollars go?

The CRP needs to fashion a response to Obama and Congress approving up to 99 weeks of unemployment benefits backed by the federal government, an addition of 73 weeks to the traditional 26 offered by the states.

The duration of benefits varies from state-to-state, and this bill wouldn’t have extended the maximum beyond 99 weeks, so the question is, who is going to pay for this?

What is the plan of action on these subject matters?

These are the questions and topics the GOP leaders should have focused on at the opening day of the state GOP’s convention. Hispanic, Latino and Afro-American voters, like all voters in the state, will respond to investment in their communities and jobs. 

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