Top 21 Urban Game Changers: Voices making a difference

We will not be televised we will be webvised, we will be heard online through bloggers, videos, e-mails and text messages, twitters, Facebook and more.

LOS ANGELES, February 13, 2011

The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses used by 19th-century black slaves in the United States to escape to free states and Canada with the aid of abolitionists and allies who were sympathetic to their cause. We still have a cause today with conservative libertarian and independents Republicans.

So people get ready: there’s a train coming you do not need tickets, you just get on board.

Urban communities across the country are laying down a new set of railroad tracks for underground movement and GOP people are getting on board.

We will not be televised we will be webvised, we will be heard online through bloggers, videos, e-mails and text messages, twitters, Facebook and more.

We will no longer be shut out - we are the voice of the 21 century and we will be heard.

Get on board, Urban Game Changer has a ticket for you.


Here are our top 21 Urban Game Changers to watch out for in 2012:

Rick Amato - Amato Talk
California/ West Coast 

He is the host of two shows: The Rick Amato Show on KCBQ in San Diego, and Inside the story with Rick Amato on Washington Times Radio News. Rick Amato believes conservatives need to do a better job of embracing pop culture instead of pushing away from it. 

Listen to his shows or read his blog

Chris Arps
Missouri/ East Coast

Mr. Arps writes political commentary for his personal blog The New Leadership Blog and is a current political contributor to (Oklahoma)Arps has also been a contributor to ‘The Tech Republican” and the “Freedom’s Journal” Magazine, and he also appears on a weekly political segment called the “Wednesday Morning Roundtable on Oklahoma’s Talk Radio 1520, KOKC.

Jennifer Bacani
California/West Coast 

As a strong opinionated woman, Jennifer does not hold back. She’s been a long time blogger, a supporter of hip-hop Republican.TV, and a crusader for truth and justice 

Kira Davis
California/West Coast

Kira Davis is concerned about the nation’s shift away from traditional American values and Constitutional principles. Her website,, is dedicated to defending and arguing for conservative values and principles within in politics and pop culture. 

Shirley Husar
California /West Coast 

Shirley is an urban conservative freelance writer and licensed real estate agent, CEO of Herizon Plus Real Estate Development living in Los Angeles, California. (also see Hip Hop Republican and Communities

Willie Lawson

East Coast 

The Willie Lawson Show is ready to hit BIG TIME in 2012! I hope you are ready to do your part! The Willie Lawson Show is listener sponsored independent conservative media. Follow him on Twitter to learn more. 

Diane Lenning
California/West Coast 

Diane is staunchly opposed to the Socialist Marxist views of the Democrats, and is determined to preserve the Republic and the Constitution at all costs. Show 1st Wednesday of every month from 8:00-9:00 PM/PST

Vanessa Jean-Louis 
New Jersey/ East Coast

Ms. Jean-Louis, the conservative Republican blogger, was recently in the movie Run Away Slave. You can see her at “Are You A Bold Person To Stand For Justice Truth And The America” on HipHop Republican TV.

Kender MacGowan


Kender MacGowan, from Southern California, sounds the alarm about the dangers of losing our freedoms to a society that he sees slipping into the dead ends of socialism.   

Lenny McAllister 
Illinois/ East Coast 

Lenny is the author of “Diary of a Mad Black PYC (Proud Young Conservative),, a political and social activist, and one of the few active in both the RNC in 2008 and the State of the Black Union in 2009. He appears regularly on Fox News, XM Radio, various regional radio shows, and CNN.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng
California / West Coast 

Juliette is the creator of  “baldilocks,” a name given to her by a USAF cohort and old friend stemming from her hair—or, rather, her lack of same. She is a veteran of the USAF and the USAFR—retired in October 2003.

Tamon Person  
California/West Coast 

Tamon is a writer and urban commentator from South Central Los Angeles and a senior writer for Hip Hop Republican TV. He is the former chair of the Los Angeles chapter of The California Black Republican Council. 

Al Ramirez
California/ West-Coast

He was once the youngest candidate on the ballot for Councilman and State Legislator as a college student at the University of Texas at Dallas, and he sought the California Republican nomination for the US Senate in 2010.

Edgar Rivas
California/ West-Coast 

Edgar is a former board member of the Los Angeles County Young Republicans, and he currently serves as the Treasurer of “Ready for Change.” He is currently a field representative for Hip Hop, and a blog contributor on Hip Hip 

Melody Himel Scalley
Virginia /East-Coast 

Melody, who also works as a consultant, is the  host of a  weekly RADIO SHOW: “Politics On the Edge,” a Conservative Political talk show that airs every Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm (Eastern time) on 103.3 WESR FM. She is available for P.R.; Politics; Issues Advocacy; Lobbying; Media; & Business Development.

Donald E. Scoggins

Donald is the founder, creator, and President of Republicans for Black Empowerment, which provides a national networking infrastructure allowing black conservatives.

Stacy Swimp  

Contagious Transformation, as defined by Stacy Swimp, is the belief that our great nation is in need of a restoration of American values—those values which place God, country and family back in the center of our lives.  

Stacy E. Washington 
Missouri /Mid-west 

Stacy Washington, former Executive Director of, is a highly sought after speaker and radio guest, having her conservative opinions shared on stations in 15 states to date.

Judd Weiss
California/West Coast

Judd is an independent minded Libertarian residing on the West Coast. He’s opposed to bigger government and greatly in favor of expanding the role of the American citizen to make his or her own decisions.

Crystal Wright

East Coast

Crystal Wright, a black conservative woman living in Washington, DC, is a communications consultant and editor and publisher of the new website Conservative Black Chicks. Crystal earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Georgetown University and holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Ryte Wynger 
Nevada/West Coast

Ryte is the underground track layer for the movement of the Republican Party, always supporting with she believes in and posting tons of convective videos on her youtube page. She is a fighter for the party and for the nation.  

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Shirley Husar

Shirley Husar is an urban conservative freelance writer and licensed real estate agent, CEO of Herizon Plus Real Estate Development living in Los Angeles, California. Personal Appointed by the 38th Governor Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger to the position of Governor Appointee Board Member for The Geologists and The Geophysicists for the State of California Governor Appointee Board Member served for 4 years.

Server as a California Republican Party Delegate for 10 years and was an RNC Delegate for 2004. Follower Shirley at TwitterFacebook and her blog, Urban; The National known Hip Hop Republican.TV and Hip Hop

Contact Shirley Husar


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