Rand Paul gives Iran green light to obliterate Israel

Only days after President Obama gave Iran the green light to obliterate Israel, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul did likewise. Photo: Rand Paul/ AP

TAMPA, November 19, 2013—Only days after President Obama gave Iran the green light to obliterate Israel, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul showed the world why he is the third least qualified person to lead the free world behind his father and the current occupant.

In a disastrous appearance on the Fox News program Special Report with Bret Baier, Paul’s answers to most questions was that he did not have the answers or know what to do. When Dr. Charles Krauthammer asked him about Iran and Israel, Paul finally showed his utter indifference to Israel’s survival.

Sanctions against Iran have failed to stop their march toward becoming a nuclear power. President Obama told adoring liberal Jewish sycophants at an AIPAC conference that “containment is not an option.” Instead he decided to attempt to remove all sanctions knowing that liberal Jews would somehow blame Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose only sin is refusing to allow another Holocaust. Obama’s verbal assurances do not come with much credibility, and Paul offers the same weak, dangerous feckless foreign policy approach.

The question is a simple one. Would a President Paul authorize the use of military force if necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons?

He started with the platitude about all options being “on the table” before offering so many watered down qualifiers that his own initial statement became an equivocating mushy mess. He “hoped” that it would not come down to that, as if a presidency based on hope had not already been tried and failed miserably on the world stage these last five years.

Yet Paul showed his true ignorance when he spoke glowingly about how dialogue works with the Chinese and the Russians. Any politician pursuing this line of reasoning should automatically cause Americans to demand a birth certificate as proof of being from Planet Earth.

Those who stopped living in Candy Land at age ten understand that negotiations with the Russians and Chinese worked because they like being alive. The Russians like to control stuff and the Chinese like to buy stuff. The mullahs in Iran are “Twelvers” who believe that stuff must be blown up to bring about the 12th Imam. When Armageddon is the goal, dialogue is impossible.

Paleocons and leftists roll the dice with the entire world by insisting that the Iranians are bluffing. They are just “saber-rattling.” They are “rational actors.” Some people think that MSNBC hosts are rational actors. Saying so does not make it so. People who threaten others with verbal violence often resort to physical violence. Just ask Alec Baldwin, former Iranian President Ahmadinejad, or college students at a Ron Paul rally when the free beer and marijuana runs out.

The question that Obama and Paul cannot answer is a basic one. What if they are wrong? It is too late after the world has been blown to Kingdom Come to wish we had listened to the adults (Neocons) who were right all along.

Rand Paul is trying to straddle a very delicate line, which is why he does not take clear stands that matter. His father Ron Paul created a cult movement with thousands of loyalists who would die for the man. He also had detractors who found him to be everything from a crackpot to a man lacking the moral decency to weed anti-Semites out of his movement.

Ron Paul supporters complain that Rand is “not his father.” Yet if the late New York Mayor Ed Koch was “a liberal with sanity,” Rand Paul is desperately trying to be seen as a Libertarian with sanity. He wants to be seen as the man who brings Austrian economics and fiscal restraint into the mainstream. He does not want to be tied to raving lunatics who accuse Charles Krauthammer and other Jews of being part of a Neocon cabal funded by the Bilderbergers, Illuminati, Goldman Sachs and the Tri-lateral Commission.

Unlike Barack Obama, Rand Paul has held legitimate private sector employment in his adult lifetime. He is a doctor, and deserves respect for that. He would make a fine director of Health and Human Services. Treasury Secretary could be a possibility.

Yet like Obama, he has no answers for Iran. Many hardcore Paul supporters believe that Iran should be allowed to have nuclear weapons because America and other nations do. Some of his more sane supporters believe Paul will do what is necessary to protect America.

Obama’s supporters also believed that, which along with free healthcare only shows that some people will believe anything.

Iran is not a game. It is a life-and-death matter requiring a serious adult in the Oval Office. It requires somebody willing to use hard military power when necessary. It requires a leader who will not let “war fatigue” or polls sway against effectively handling an enemy of radical Islamists prepared to fight to the very last death.

Iran has publicly and repeatedly called for Israel to be “wiped off the map.” That is a clear policy vision. Anything less than a clear counter-vision is unacceptable. Obama offered meaningless meanderings that have long been proven untrue and ineffective. Rand Paul just publicly offered more of the same. He must be rejected with the same moral clarity.

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