The lying continues as Obamacare has group insurance policies cancelled

These outright lies were not delivered four years ago; they were delivered five days ago. Photo: Obama: A wink as good as a nod to a blind horse / Dharakpak - AP

TAMPA, November 19, 2013 — Now Americans have the smoking gun — targeted cancellations of group, employer-subsidized insurance policies — that proves that President Obama has been lying about Obamacare from the beginning.

In the real world, “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it,” with the emphatic “period” after it means exactly that. Yet with a propaganda arm including The New York Times, the Washington Post, and MSNBC, the Obama White House convinced Americans that deliberate lies were honest mistakes.

The administration and congressional Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, insisted that the only people being affected were “5 percent” of the population who relied on individual insurance plans. Democrats neglected to mention that the 5 percent figure represents 15 million people, but the problem now runs so much deeper.

As late as November 14, Obama and his supporters insisted that the problems with the Affordable Care Act were limited to the individual insurance market. Andrew McCarthy of the National Review writes:

“On October 17, the Obama Department of Health and Human Services, represented by the Obama Justice Department, submitted a brief to the federal district court in Washington, opposing Priests for Life’s summary judgment motion. On page 27 of its brief, the Justice Department makes the following remarkable assertion:

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The [ACA’s] grandfathering provision’s incremental transition does not undermine the government’s interests in a significant way. [Citing, among other sources, the Federal Register.] Even under the grandfathering provision, it is projected that more group health plans will transition to the requirements under the regulations as time goes on. Defendants have estimated that a majority of group health plans will have lost their grandfather status by the end of 2013.

“HHS and the Justice Department cite the same section of the Federal Register referred to by John Hinderaker, as well as an annual survey on ‘Employer Health Benefits’ compiled by the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2012.”

So now we know that several weeks earlier, Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department argued in a separate court filing that most group insurance policies would also be cancelled. Grandfather clauses designed to prevent this were specifically mined to be rendered meaningless in most cases.

The words of the Justice Department lawyers are unmistakable.

“It is projected that more group health plans will transition to the requirements under the regulations as time goes on … Defendants have estimated that a majority of group health plans will have lost their grandfather status by the end 2013.”

Most Americans receive their health insurance through their employers. This is not 5 percent. This is most of the country. Obamacare will be decimating the group insurance market with every bit of force that it did the individual insurance market.

Is it possible that Obama had absolutely no idea what his own Department of Justice was arguing in a court of law? Does Obama not pay attention to matters regarding his signature achievement that he has fought to the political death to protect?

The case in question was about whether forcing religious institutions to provide services that contradicted their religious beliefs violated the First Amendment. Obama was almost certainly kept abreast of the ebb and flow of this case.

In the unbelievably slight chance that he did not know what his own attorney general was doing, then he needs to fire Holder for embarrassing him. 

Obama has been caught lying to America. These were not misstatements or inaccuracies. They were outright lies. They did not occur four years ago. They occurred five days ago.

Reports that between 93 and 129 million Americans will lose their insurance are on their way to being proven true.

It is time to say it: Obamacare is a disastrous piece of legislation that represents the worst qualities of Obama and liberals in general. It was based on lies because being honest with the American people would not have elected Obama, much less allowed the ACA to become law.

Forget internal promises of holding people “responsible” and “accountable.” The man at the top is to blame. He is out of control. The only legal way to clip his wings and put the death knell in this abusive law is to give Democrats the 2014 electoral bloodbath they deserve.

Otherwise, lying to the American people and abusing their right to choose their own doctor will forever be without consequences.

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