Why Obamacare penetrated Obama's teflon when nothing else could

The imploding Obamacare law has penetrated and damaged President Obama's teflon reputation in ways no other scandal or issue could. Photo: Marco Varisco/ Wikimedia Commons

TAMPA, November 18, 2013 — After a lifetime of wearing a thick coat made out of teflon and hemp, President Obama has seen his material outerwear shredded along with his credibility.

The Affordable Care Act for many people has proven to be unaffordable. Obama is fighting to fend off the perception that he cares only about himself. Even Senate Democrats fearing a 2014 electoral debacle could not get the safely reelected and ideologically inflexible president to budge. They were given the same verbal assurances he offered the American people. Add Senate Democrats to the growing list of people who have lost trust and confidence in Obama.

Obama repeatedly told Americans that if they liked their doctor or their health plan, they could keep them. He emphasized “period,” which leaves zero wiggle room. He said it. He meant it. He owns it. Attempts to add qualifiers have him digging a deeper hole. A non-apology apology came across as insincere and worsened matters.

Obamacare has pierced the Obama veil in ways nothing else could. Despite scandals and corruption allegations, Obama has always escaped “accountability.” A pliant media have helped Obama convince Americans that wrongs are everybody else’s fault except his.

Until now.

While Obama lied to the American people, the political arena is not the legal arena. Unless Obama made his claim in a court deposition, his behavior is brazenly unethical but not illegal.

While Obamacare lies are less serious than his other scandals, the issue is one of width and breadth, not depth.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious gun-running operation led to the death of border agent Brian Terry. While this is heinous, Terry was only one man unknown by many.

Benghazi resulted in four murdered Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens and two Navy SEALs. Yet many Americans have never heard of them. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Ambassador Susan Rice, Vice President Biden and Obama himself lied about a video motive, which does not resonate with many shoulder shruggers.

NSA spying may have been outrageous, but there is no concrete action taken against most people that they know about. Fox News reporter James Rosen discovered he was monitored. Most Americans were aggrieved conceptually but not actually, lessening the outrage.

IRS targeting affected hundreds if not thousands of Americans. Former IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner targeted half the country solely for being political conservatives and engaging in the political process. Lawfully disagreeing with Obama led to years of harassment. While the number of victims was relatively large, they were not the right—make that left—victims. Obama targeted people who he disliked and disliked him. This would not affect his poll numbers. They were not his voters. Many Obama supporters through quiet omission or public glee showed zero qualms about his Nixonian IRS enemies list.

Obamacare is different. Millions of people are being hurt. Their healthcare plans are being cancelled. They are losing their doctors. Their new plans are significantly more expensive.

Estimates at think tanks across the ideological spectrum show that between 93 and 129 million Americans could be adversely affected once Obamacare fully takes effect. Right now innocent victims are dismissed by liberals as being only five percent of the population. That comes to 15 million Americans.

These people are not partisans. Many are apolitical. Many voted for Obama. Some were his biggest cheerleaders.

Dylan Ratigan was a host at MSNBC, a network devoted entirely to worshipping Obama and excoriating his critics as anti-American bigots. Only one year after leaving MSNBC, he lost his insurance coverage.
On November 7th, 2013, at 4:43pm, he took to Twitter to express his frustration.

“I bought a catastrophic health policy for $170/mo when I left MSNBC. Obamacare cancelled the policy. New rate $600/mo. Thnx Mr. President!

4:43 PM - 7 Nov 2013”

The timestamp proves he was not blaming George W. Bush.

Obama sycophants can rail about Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, the government shutdown, the Tea Party, and Ronald Reagan’s ghost. They can shout about hostage takers, racists, Republican Jihadists and “extremists” wanting lower taxes and fiscal spending restraint.

The sheer numbers of those suffering is astronomical. Obama’s response was to claim that the website was preventing people from realizing how great his program truly is. Then his supporters claimed that the plans he replaced were “lousy.” Like philanderer Bill Clinton, we were supposed to believe Obama rather than our own lying eyes. Regular Americans are not lying. They are hurting.

To hide one dead body is possible. To hide five of them is tougher, but doable. To spy on millions of people and target others through the IRS is harder still.

To inflict harm on most of the country without repercussions is too difficult for even the most smooth teflon president.

Obamacare is destructive. Obama voters who loved his class warfare promise to take from greedy one-percenters are finally realizing that another attempt to soak the “wealthy” has hurt working Americans.

There was only so much to be extracted from the rich. Obama needs more money to fund his “investments” in healthcare, green energy and education. Only now are liberals seeing that the promised free stuff is not free. The cliche about liberals becoming conservatives after they get mugged is ringing true.

When innocent border guards and diplomats were murdered, liberals did not speak up.  When Obama came for conservatives, liberals did not speak up. Now Obama is coming for his liberal supporters.

There might be nobody left now to speak up for them. They got the government they deserved. Besides, the far left will not lift a finger to help lower income liberals. Many ultra-leftists have Obamacare waivers.

Dylan Ratigan is just a casualty on the road to progressivism, with equality and misery for many and liberty for none.

The upside is that people are realizing what horrors Obama, Obamacare, and liberalism itself have wrought on them.

The downside is that it may be too late to save them from themselves. Elections have consequences, and liberals made their choice in 2012.

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