The 30 hottest political women of 2013

  • Actress Nicole Kidman arrives at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday Jan. 13, 2013, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP) Actress Nicole Kidman arrives at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday Jan. 13, 2013, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP) Photo by: Jordan Strauss
  • Amanda Read, Communities Writer Amanda Read, Communities Writer

LOS ANGELES, June 21, 2013 — Bring on the women! Summer is upon us, which means it is time for the 2013 list of the Top 30 Hottest Political Women.

Brains and power are intoxicating, and can be quite lethal when beauty is added to the mix.

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Politics would be better with fewer powerful bald white guys and more hot women. Women get things done, and look great doing it.

Erika Harold/AP

The list has been divided into the top ten liberals, centrists and conservatives. Age is no barrier. Hot is hot.

Some deserving women were left off of the list solely to give others a chance. Also, the woman must in some way be publicly active politically, or they lose eligibility. In 2012, Eva Longoria campaigned for President Obama. This year she has stayed quiet, removing herself from contention.

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Shannon Doherty has a lifetime beauty award. The moment she gets back into politics, she rockets to the top because she is Shannon Doherty.

Many of the women were asked in advance if they would be offended being considered for this type of list. Even liberal nominees wondered who could possibly be so hyper-sensitive. Some upper middle-class white college girls at Brandeis can answer that better. Real women, and men for that matter, like being told they are attractive.

America has the Top 30 Hottest Political Women of 2013.


Kamala Harris/AP

10. Valerie Treilweiler/Segolene Royale - The current mistress of French President Francois Hollande is in a catfight with his ex-lover and mother of his children. These women are proof that incredibly boring technocrats can date way upwards if they run an entire nation.

9. Kamala Harris - The California Attorney General even got the too cool for school President Obama to lose his composure and admit she was hot.

8. Tamara Holder - This tough, smart attorney argues with Sean Hannity and keeps coming back.

7. Sharon Tay - Whenever anyone wonders why MSNBC has any viewers, they realize that a stunningly gorgeous individual made news there by walking in the room. No, not Chris Matthews. Miss Tay is even lovelier than he is.

6. Christina Fernandez de Kirchner - The President of Argentina is a smoldering South American beauty and the first woman to be reelected to her position.

5. Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth - This first term Illinois woman is an inspiration to everybody. An Iraq War veteran, she lost both legs and an arm in combat. She walks with prosthetic legs, and her Purple Heart is matched only by her real one.

Julie Gonzalo/CBS

4. Leslie Marshall - This radio host enters the No Spin Zone and gives Bill O’Reilly a run for his money.

3. Rachel Morales - This newcomer honed her political chops in North Carolina with the Obama For America campaign. In a short time she became a seasoned political operative.

2. Tiffiny Fox - Only in her 20s, she has built a law practice and run for an Assembly seat in Los Angeles. Her last name is a perfect description.

1. Julie Gonzalo - This Argentinian goddess plays Pamela Rebecca Barnes on the relaunched “Dallas.” She is apolitical on the show, but her Twitter account shows a passionate warrior on social issues.



10. Margaret Brennan - This CBS News Correspondent manages to discuss the State Department without being either boring or inflammatory.

9. Shakira Mebarek - She earned fame for her singing, dancing and shaking her moneymaker. Yet she has used her wealth for many political and charitable causes from building orphanages to schools.

8. Nicole Kidman - While other celebrities focus on politically charged wedge issues, Kidman focuses on issues everybody can agree on, such as combating domestic violence.

Angelina Jolie/AP

7. Angelina Jolie - Her father is a conservative and her husband is a liberal, but Jolie became a hero to women everywhere by publicly discussing her double-mastectomy as a preventative measure. She no longer has breasts, but she still has plenty of class, and a powerful story to tell.

6. Alexis Glick - Although she is no longer on the Fox Business Network, her various cameo appearances on news programs are still worth watching.

5. Erin Burnett - Even if she had not posed for Maxim, she still would have wowed people with her brains and charm. Let us be honest, the Maxim cover did not hurt.

4. Jodi Arias - She may be a homicidal psychotic, but her murder trial dominated the ratings on HLN and other cable news networks. Her opinions on capital punishment were as carefully crafted as any politician pleading for another chance. She was for it before she was against it.

3. Kendra Given - This Ron Paul Paleocon has plenty of tattoos, but do not judge the book by its lovely cover. She can argue economics with the best of them. She is also sane, preferring to work within the system of a central committee without violent screaming.

Robin Meade/HLN

2. Lara Logan - This CBS war correspondent has more courage than anyone in the media. Despite being sexually assaulted and nearly killed by an Islamist mob in Egypt, she refused to leave for a safer profession. Her heart and guts are second to none.

1. Robin Meade - The former Miss Ohio is now the lead news anchor for the morning show on HLN. She even released a country music album.


10. Patti Anne Browne - When this Fox News correspondent appears on Redeye, the hosts fawn all over her and tell her how perfect she is. Who can blame them?

9. Susan Stimpson - This Tea Party darling ran a spirited race for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. The electorate has not seen the last of this rising star.

8. Erika Harold - She was Miss America, and is now a successful attorney running for an Illinois congressional seat. She can run anywhere she wants.

7. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin - Her state has been battered by deadly tornados. She has maintained a steely eyed resolve amidst tragedy. With her leadership, Oklahoma will rebound.

Lisa Daftari

6. Lisa Daftari - This foreign policy expert offers insights on Iran, Israel and the Middle East. She is not a hawk or a dove, but she is definitely a fox.

5. Amanda Read/Tabitha Hale - The new media is getting hotter by the day. The Washington Times Communities and Smart Girl Politics benefit from these young, intelligent, and dedicated political warriors.

4. Lisa Roper/Rachel Martin - This is not your father’s National Federation of Republican Women. Both of these ladies are trying to bring more Hispanics into the GOP. Roper is on the NFRW board, while Martin chairs the Department of Homeland Security position for the NFRW. They could convince anybody of anything.

3. Ashley Sewell/Erica Nurnberg - These thinkers are more than just serious policy wonks. Sewell spreads her brilliance at the Texas Public Policy Foundation while Nurnberg is a Neocon at JINSA. They both can disarm any liberal with their brains, charm, wit, and drop-dead gorgeous smiles.

2. Michelle Malkin - She should have been on this list every year, but was left off due to cowardice on the part of the columnist compiling this list. When she gets angry, the normal reaction is to run into a corner, cry and hide. If one can avoid being intimidated, she is as razor sharp as it gets.

Michele Bachmann/AP

1. Michele Bachmann - She is retiring from Congress, but lit up a recent Tea Party rally. Her experience as a tax attorney rendered her one of the only people capable of deconstructing the Obamacare law. For her decade of service to the conservative cause, this unflinching warrior of the right is the most beautiful conservative in politics. She may run for president again, but for now she will have to settle with being the loveliest lady of conservatism.

The 2014 elections are only 17 months away. With a bevy of candidates running, the beauty primary is only 12 months away.


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