GOLUB: All out of love: Obama ignored in Berlin

In 2008, 200,000 Berliners came to hear Barack Obama. In 2013, only 4,000 people came for Photo: Smaller crowds, but elite. AP

SACRAMENTO, June 19, 2013 — In 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama spoke to 200,000 adoring fans in Berlin. Five years later, the crowds have all but disappeared.

President Obama came back to Berlin to give a speech, and 4,000 people had nothing better to do than listen to empty words and broken promises of hope and change. The other 196,000 Germans who attended the first speech, like much of the rest of the world, tuned him out. They had no interest in the 2013 version of “Ich bin Ein Teleprompter.”

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The entire world now realizes that America is led by a man who waxes poetic endlessly about inconsequential matters and stays stone cold silent when moral leadership is needed. The world burns, and Obama offers platitudes.

In a sign of how far Obama’s prestige has fallen, the 4,000 attendees were referred to as “invited guests.” This desperate attempt to convey exclusivity failed to hide the fact that elite status was given to anybody who bothered to show up. 

The people of the world have rendered their verdict on President Obama. They have heard his words, observed his deeds, and registered their opinion with their attendance. 

President Obama speaks plenty, but is not much of a listener. If he ever did try listening, he would hear what world leaders and ordinary citizens are saying behind his back, and occasionally to his face.

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Obama is a failure, and he’s a disappointment to his fans. He’s made a lot of promises to change the tone in Washington, to improve America’s standing in the world, to close Guantanamo and champion human rights. Those promises remain unfulfilled, and instead he’s given the world drone warfare and an NSA that spies not just on Americans, but on the world. The man who received the Nobel Peace Prize before the ink was dry on his first inaugural address has betrayed every hope of his European supporters. He’s made no positive change in the world. 

From screaming kids in Berlin and San Francisco to lovestruck elitists at MSNBC and the Nobel committees, Obama was always a symbol rather than a reality. They initially celebrated Obama not for anything he did, but because he wasn’t George W. Bush. 

After five years, people see that the man who does not know how to do anything and has never done anything, simply cannot do things. 

Obama chose to escape to Europe to avoid the problems and scandals engulfing him in the United States. He can run, but he cannot hide. 98 percent of the 2008 German audience decided to go to work and do their jobs rather than listen to a failed leader give another recycled fluff speech.

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Obama may not like it, but being the leader of the free world requires leadership, and not from behind. Maybe had he done the actual work of governing and gotten tangible results, people elsewhere would still listen to what he has to say.

With his relevancy collapsing along with his presidency, he leaves Berlin for somewhere else. Nobody cares where anymore. There is work to be done, and no time to listen to his pronouncements about nothing.

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