While President Obama was partying: Three dead while the world burns

While President Obama was celebrating day 1,461 of celebrating President Obama, Americans were being murdered in Algeria. Photo: Assoicated Press

LOS ANGELES, January 22, 2013—President Obama spent the 2013 Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday celebrating day number 1,461 of his perpetual inauguration. The pompousness and circumstance was on full display, as President Obama channeled Abraham Lincoln by offering malice toward half the country and giving charity to the other half.

For those who missed his remarks, he will be repeating them again in his 2013 State of the Union address

Yet while Obama was celebrating the celebration of Obama, the real world kept burning. Radical Islamists in Algeria murdered three American citizens. This after radical Islamists murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens and a pair of Navy SEALs in Benghazi, Libya.

This is on top of twelve murdered soldiers in Fort Hood, Texas. This is a corollary to the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber and the Shoe Bomber, who were stopped from adding to the death toll by private citizens after our government failed.

On the domestic front, entitlement programs led by Medicare and Social Security are spiraling out of control. President Obama has not proposed a single discretionary spending cut, and his Democratic Senate has not passed a budget in four years. He labels “irresponsible” those refusing to want to raise the debt ceiling, yet what is truly irresponsible is robbing future generations of their standard of living to spend money we have borrowed from China.

Obama wants to balance the budget in a “responsible” way, but never offers anything beyond that slogan.

His three priorities have always been healthcare, education, and the environment. His healthcare law explodes the deficit. The education system is under the iron grip of teachers’ unions. Environmental companies receiving tax dollars continue to go bankrupt. Solyndra is the tip of the melting iceberg. Meanwhile, hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is technology that actually does work. Obama blocks fracking efforts along with his refusal to approve the Keystone oil pipeline.

President Obama won reelection by insisting that “al Qaeda is dead and General Motors is alive.” Both of these claims have been proven false. He catered to narrow slices of the electorate, receiving the loyalty of blacks, gays, and women wanting free contraception. Yet no amount of free candy will help hire one American worker or kill one Islamist terrorist.

The perpetual campaign has all but his most hardened supporters weary. The governing phase is his weakness, and he shows no inclination of enacting any policies that will benefit the American people as a whole.

His solution to tragic school shootings is to harass and stigmatize law-abiding gun owners while requiring nothing from Hollywood. Not one time has his “balanced approach” on any issue ever been that. His administration even allowed illegal guns in a botched “Fast and Furious” operation to get an American border guard murdered.

President Obama will always have his cult following, but the rest of the American people do not want any more platitudes or slogans. They just want results. Those results will never come because Obama’s priorities are not what they should be. He knows what people want and need. He just does not care.

A serious individual would realistically deal with the threat of radical Islam. His “kill list” is a start, but not nearly enough. A serious individual would tackle entitlements. A serious individual would confront the intransigent elements in his own party, which President Obama has never done.

President Obama is not a serious individual. The partying habits he enjoyed in college have stayed with him. This is why he is so good at inaugurations. His skill set of smiling and waving to a crowd is the best he can do.

Blaming others for his failure to solve problems is his other “talent.”

He knows how to “be” President. He just does not know how to “do” anything that matters.

This is why the next four years will be just like the previous four. He will continue celebrating himself while the American economy crashes, the people who believed in him get betrayed, and the global conflagration engulfs Western civilization.

Three victims in Algeria are just the beginning. President Obama did not hear their cries for life. He was busy celebrating his “success,” which he and his supporters define as his very being.

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