Will angry Obama charge racism in sequestration cuts?

Angry over the GOP agreeing with him, President Obama has one last sequestration card to play. He can explain why GOP cuts are racist. Photo: AP

LOS ANGELES, February 22, 2013—President Obama is getting angrier by the day with Republicans for agreeing with him. He demanded sequestration, and has now been sequestered into a corner.

For the uninitiated, sequestration is a series of automatic spending cuts set to kick in on March 1st. Due to years of profligate spending by Congress and the White House, elected leaders realized they were unable to lead. Sequester was meant to be so painful that it would force hard choices to be made. Now the day of reckoning is here.

In truth, there are no cuts at all. Spending actually increases under the sequester at a mildly obscene level instead of a greater obscene level.

Because even the slightest “restraint” in spending conflicts with the Obama agenda of massive social spending, the only solution left is to demonize Republicans for the Obama agenda. The problem with this strategy is that the people finally realize that the spendaholics are the ones needing restraint, not the ones trying to stave off American bankruptcy.

Even if the sequester horror stories were truthful, it would not matter.

Fired teachers? Good. Start with anybody teaching lesbian vegan Chicano studies. In fact, anybody not teaching a real subject that will eventually allow students to get real jobs should not be teaching. Mathematics professors can stay. Ethnic grievance studies professors can lead campus protests on their own dime.

Fired TSA Agents? How will Americans ever survive without unqualified airport “security” personnel failing to stop real terrorists like the Christmas Day Bomber while successfully targeting wheelchair bound ladies with knitting apparel? If Obama cares about “the children,” he can afford to get rid of a few ogres who harass babies in the name of political correctness.

Even the military has fat in it, and it is time to start prioritizing. Money for armor and weapons can stay. Money for diversity training can go. Any military dollar not spent on helping our soldiers kill bad people, break things, and protect Americans from being killed and broken is worthwhile. Everything else is liberal nonsense.

All the sequester does is force priorities to actually matter. “Mattering” is defined as something that actually benefits people’s lives. The test is easy. If it is a liberal priority, it does not matter.

The only strategy left for the Obama liberals is the one they always resort to when they do not get their way.

Sequestration is racist, and Republicans are leading the racist cuts.

For those wondering what race has to do with any of this, that is irrelevant. Liberals will find a way. The cuts in diversity training in favor of a focus on reading and writing will be racist, radical, extremist, draconian Republican budget cutting that will destroy our children. To avoid being racist, it is necessary to “invest” in education, which requires massive amounts of new spending on failed programs to make our dumb children even dumber and unemployable.

The sequestration also causes climate change. It is responsible for illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine. It leads to an increase in cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and restless leg syndrome. It prevents high speed rail and causes low testosterone levels in men over forty.

When a four-hundred pound man polishes off six hamburgers and three large pizzas, the Diet Coke with the meal is what dieticians call “kidding oneself.” Crying poverty after being given a raise that is smaller than the desired raise is delusional. The main delusion is one of grandeur, also known as Obamaworld.

The sequester certainly does not enact any meaningful cuts in hyperbole. The Obama administration has stocked up on it just in case.

Since President Obama is now trashing his own sequester program, he could really continue the budget cutting by reversing his entire four years in power. Eliminate Obamacare. End all “green” subsidies. Stop investing in “education.” The teachers’ unions have enough money. Save $400,000 by tying presidential pay to results.

Instead the First Demagogue in Chief will talk about “cuts” to food inspectors and air traffic controllers. His desperation to blame Republicans deserves to fall on deaf ears because of one fact even Houdini Obama cannot escape from.

He is the federal bureaucracy. The employees are his employees. If he decides to fire people to fund his pet projects, the blame solely belongs to him.

This is his sequester. It’s not much, but if it even slightly cuts the budget for his speechwriters and teleprompters, it will have been money well saved.

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