Paul Krugman's madness, another 'central issue of our time'

Paul Krugman thinks there's nothing wrong with America that more government spending can't fix. Who's he calling crazy? Photo: AP

LOS ANGELES, August 5, 2013—New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has been known to steer the U.S.S. Hyperbole into icebergs before, but his newest assertion is Titanic. His words are larger than life to liberals, and destined to crash in a heap.

On August 1, Krugman declared that “the madness of the GOP is the central issue of our time.”

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Krugman’s evidence that the Republican Party has become certifiably insane comes in the form of the forty attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Krugman says that Obamacare “is here to stay.” He also says that “the sequester is in fact intolerable.”

Krugman is entitled to his own opinions, but the facts seem to contradict his assertions. The sequester itself cuts absolutely nothing. Spending still increases, just at a slower rate than Krugman and many liberals desire. The sequester was Obama’s idea. It has been deliberately administered by the Obama Administration to inflict maximum pain on segments of the American people, but that is Obama’s choice. 

Paul Krugman, doing economics. (AP)

Paul Krugman, doing economics. (AP)

Krugman labels as “mad” Republican politicians who are actually behaving very rationally. What Krugman and many liberals refer to as “gridlock,” “obstructionism,” and “intransigence” is actually the American system of governing working as it was designed.

President Obama won reelection with 51 percent of the vote, although his Electoral College margin was more decisive. He represents many constituents like Krugman who want the Obama agenda enacted into law. Most congressional Republicans also won reelection to districts with constituents who strongly disagree with the Obama agenda. These conservative Republican public servants are not crazy. Far from it, they understand with clear eyes and ears that their right to stay employed is directly related to how often and effectively they take stands that diverge from Obama and Krugman.

If Krugman wants those not on the far left to take him seriously, then he needs to replace his emotions with cold logic.

The central issue of our time is madness, but not Republican madness. Radical Islamists are trying to murder Americans and other Westerners with every bit as much ferocity as they did on 9/11. Recent threats by al Qaeda affiliates led the Obama administration to close United States embassies in 21 Middle Eastern nations. Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, including Representative Peter King of New York, have supported this action.

The idea that Republicans are interested in opposing Obama for the sake of doing so is contradicted by this series of events. A threat to the American way of life was discovered, and Republicans supported Obama’s actions to counter that threat. This shows a willingness for Republicans to back Obama when he is right and oppose him when he is wrong. This is the epitome of acting rationally, rather than out of madness.

Many liberals and libertarians have argued that the threat posed by radical Islam is overstated. Obama and King seem to think otherwise, and they have significantly better access to intelligence information than the hard left critics.

If radical Islam is the defining threat of our lifetimes, then those who fail to grasp this are the second most dangerous threat. Islamists led by al Qaeda are madness defined. Leftists who see conservatives as a bigger threat than Islamists are dishonest at best and delusional at worst.

Krugman is not evil, but he may need to have cataract surgery or be tested for glaucoma. He seems to be blinded by his hatred for conservatives.

Maybe he is just stark raving mad.


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