Melissa Harris-Perry: Hero to post graduate students & liberals alike

LOS ANGELES, April 10, 2013 – MSNBC’s opinion pundit Melissa Harris-Perry created a firestorm by declaring that we are all horribly naïve to insist on raising our own children instead of turning them over to the liberal collective.

Those gems of un-believability were uttered in an MSNBC Lean Forward ad. That means they were scripted, then her comments deliberately filmed and run by the network. This was not an instance of mis-statements made off-the-cuff during a quick-fire discussion.

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“We have never invested as much in public education as we should have because we’ve always had kind of a private notion of children,” Harris-Perry says. “We haven’t had a very collective notion of ‘these are our children,’” she says in the ad.

“So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that ‘kids belong to their parents,’ or ‘kids belong to their families,’ and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”

It is not the idea of investment in public education that has conservative media in arms; it is statements like “we always had a kind of a private notion of children … we haven’t had a very collection notion of ‘these are our children.’”

The other gem is, “we have to break through our kind of private idea that ‘kids belong to their parents,’ or ‘kids belong to their families,’ and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”

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One initial question asked by many: What is MSNBC?

While few in the mainstream watch MSNBC or take it seriously (Fox News crushes MSNBC and CNN combined in the ratings), the MSNBC opinion pundits are deadly serious in what they believe.

Harris-Perry is not backing down from her remarks, remarks that have taken Hillary Clinton’s “It takes a Village” concept to the extreme. 

A recent media study found that while Fox News and CNN each devote about half of their programming to hard news and the remaining half to opinion, MSNBC is 15 percent real news and 85 percent opinion. So to see a leftist anchor on a leftist opinion network spouting collectivism is as much “news” as MSNBC itself.

While it would be so simple to debunk Harris-Perry’s views as just crazy, they must also be proven wrong.

Ms. Harris-Perry says every child has the right to an affordable education, and that we are all collectively responsible for enforcing that.

Well, Ms. Harris-Perry, my education, like that of millions of others, would have been affordable had the Obama economy not wrecked everything for, say, individuals like myself who earned an MBA in finance. The mountain of debt so many labor under is directly related to destructive Obama policies that make getting out from under an impossible pipe dream.

Harris-Perry has come up with a brilliant solution to this problem: It is the responsibility of the collective.

Melissa Harris-Perry can be the hero that all liberals aspire her to be. She should pay my student loans. That would be the “fair” thing to do. Even the least regarded television personalities at the least regarded networks make more in one year than the size of my loans.

Harris-Perry and MSNBC could pay my debts off rapidly. If Harris-Perry does not want to bear the burden alone, she can have her wealthy one-percenter friends Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow chip in to pay them.

They have so much and others like me have so little, so that would be fair.

In liberal Obamamerica, it is just not “fair” that so many labor while only a few enjoy the spoils.

This is where they would turn into pseudo-conservatives, claiming that they “earned their money.” By their simply being them, they deserve the benefits of station they have attained. The real reason they would not pay for my loans is because the entire “investing in education” crusade is like every other liberal idea from “green energy” to the “Affordable Care Act.”

It’s garbage. A complete fraud, gigantic lies wrapped in a suffocating blanket of fake compassion. 

The real truth is that early education zealots want all of the power and control but none of the responsibility. It is about regulating every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave.

MBAs are hurting because businesses are being regulated to death, which is crushing younger entrants. That is what collectivist government does to young people.

Parents have to make sure food is on the table, clothing is on the bodies, and shelter is above the heads.

So what is left for the state to do?

The state can redistribute money from honest, hardworking parents and give it to government bureaucrats who will mismanage it. That is what happened with the unaffordable Obamacare fiasco and the bankrupt green energy companies.

In education, the money will be given to teachers’ unions to make sure that bad teachers are never fired, standards are never required, and liberal indoctrination begins at an earlier age.

Yet what happens when these children are set up for failure?

They end up in their parents’ basements wondering why they cannot pay off their loans, as their parents wonder when all the promise that bright face beneath a mortar board represented is going to move out of their sewing - workout - library - game room.

Or they grow up and become conservatives like me. Yes, having student loans is a major source of frustration. Yet while my future children may not have Harris-Perry liberal wealth, they will at least have decent values instilled in them by me.

Not the state.

Unless America is now Castro’s Cuba and Elian Gonzalez is my son, the state will touch my future children over my cold dead body.

Ms. Harris-Perry would fit well in the late Mao Tse-Tung’s China because she wants to lecture like a socialist but live her own life like a raging capitalist. Melissa Harris-Perry cannot grasp any of this because the plush MSNBC headquarters are not the real world. Their offices make the ivory towers on the college campuses seem downright rusty.

Such is the existence of Lear Jet Liberals. 

So to Melissa Harris-Perry and all the other wealthy leftists worried about the common man and the common good, let me quote Governor Chris Christie.

“Shut up and write a check.”

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