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Donald Trump offered President Obama five million dollars to release his college transcripts and his passport. The move is a brilliant one, but should be modified to make the deal better.

SOUTH FLORIDA, October 26, 2012 – With less than two weeks before the election, billionaire real estate investor and Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump issued a challenge to President Obama. While there are much more important issues to discuss, this is just good, political fun.

Mr. Trump is willing to donate five million dollars to the charity of Mr. Obama’s choosing. All Mr. Obama has to do is release his college transcripts and his passport records.

While Mr. Trump was ridiculed for obsessing over President Obama’s birth certificate, he did get President Obama to release it when nobody else could.

There is much to admire about Mr. Trump. He built a successful business empire by having a vision that few people possess. His critics from Liz Smith to Rosie O’Donnell have often denigrated him out of jealousy and spite.

Mr. Trump is not always right, but he usually is. Picking Joan Rivers over Annie Duke on Celebrity Apprentice was a wrong decision, although he would disagree.

So in analyzing Mr. Trump’s proposal, it actually consists of separate parts, some better than others. From a strategy standpoint, this is a brilliant move. It gives Mr. Trump publicity, and he loves publicity. It also gets ordinary people to ask a simple question. Why is President Obama so reluctant to release documents of any kind? Whether it be Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, or personal documents, Mr. Obama may be the least transparent President in American history.

The problem with Mr. Trump’s offer is that the two sets of documents should be decoupled. There are some documents that should be investigated and some that should not.

Conspiracy theories that have been debunked are a distraction. We do deserve access to information that gives insight into a person’s thinking and beliefs.

This is why mainstream conservatives wanted no part of the birth certificate controversy. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. He is a Christian. He is not a Muslim and he was not born in Kenya.

(One theory is that Obama was born in New York in an IBM laboratory, and that he is actually a computer. He does seem to have an Intel Pentium chip where a heart should be, explaining his lack of human emotions. Yet even if one thinks Obama is Spock, Leonard Nimoy is American. The birth certificate issue is therefore closed.)

So when Mr. Trump asks for President Obama’s passport, it begs the question of why this is relevant. It just gives the left more fodder to accuse the right of wading into conspiracy theories. Mr. Obama’s passport is irrelevant. Unless he spent time in a terrorist camp, his overseas travels do not matter. Does Barack Obama’s travels contribute to him being an elitist snob? Probably. Is there anything sinister about this? No.

Yet the other half of Mr. Trump’s offer does matter. Barack Obama’s college transcripts do matter. Some people want proof that Mr. Obama actually attended college. This is not the issue. Of course he did. The question is what Mr. Obama’s grades were.

Of course his grades matter. The entire rationale for Mr. Obama being as worshiped as he is by liberals (in addition to his race) is his “intelligence.” Liberals love to claim how intelligent they are and how dumb conservatives are. Yet a peek at grades allowed us all to know that Al Gore flunked out of law school and divinity school. How does one flunk divinity school? Did he spell “God” G-A-E-A on the final exam?

A look at grades showed that George W. Bush had higher grades than John Kerry. Sticking one’s nose in the air does not automatically make one intelligent. John Kerry was an average student at best.

Barack Obama was a stoner and a slacker in college. This does not make him a bad person, but most college stoners and slackers are not the best and brightest. Seeing Mr. Obama’s grades would be a way of showing not only how smart he was, but how motivated. He has said himself that he can be “lazy,” and that does matter.

Mr. Obama has “Melanintelligence,” whch is a skin condition where guilty white liberals equate higher levels of brain power to those with deeper pigmentation levels. Disproving Mr. Obama’s intelligence gets at the very heart of those blindly accepting positive qualities in him that may not exist.

This is why Mr. Trumps’s offer contains items with divergent levels of importance. Mr. Trump combined a challenge for documents that do matter with ones that don’t. Mr. Trump had a fantastic offer, but even the man behind the “Art of the Deal” can improve this deal.

Rather than ask for the passport, Mr. Trump should ask for President Obama’s college thesis. His thesis gets into what he believed. Was he a wild-eyed radical? Did he write in an intelligible manner? As a professor, many of his students were underwhelmed by his abilities. Even if he disavowed his thesis as the work of a young man who has evolved, he should be forced to make that defense.

Forget the birth certificate. Forget the passport. Forget trying to disqualify Barack Obama on these grounds.

Ask for the college transcripts and his grades. Ask for his thesis.

It is time to find out if he really is the carefully crafted image the left has thrust upon us or the empty shell the right believes.

Most importantly, the best thing to hammer Mr. Obama on is policy. The personal can wait. The policies are there for all of us to see.

Until then, well done Mr. Trump.

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