Dear Governor Romney 2012

The day before the 2008 election, I wrote separate open letters to both presidential candidates. That tradition continues in 2012. Here is my open letter to Governor Mitt Romney.

SOUTH FLORIDA, NOVEMBER 6, 2012—The day before the 2008 presidential election, I wrote separate open letters to both presidential candidates. In 2012, that tradition continues. Here is my 2012 open letter to Governor Mitt Romney.

Dear Governor Romney,

First let me say that I have liked you since you came on the presidential scene in 2007. I found you, Senators Thompson and McCain, and Mayor Giuliani all to be fine men. Although I went with Mr. Giuliani, it was a choice between good people. During the 2012 primaries, I remained neutral. Again, I was perfectly comfortable with you and some of your opponents and I let the process play out.

Just know that the day you clinched the nomination, I immediately fell into line. I criss-crossed America and made the case for you in 44 states. My absentee ballot containing my vote for you was sent on Friday by overnight mail to ensure it counted. During early voting in Florida I drove people to the polls, and will spend election day doing this until the last poll closes.

I initially thought you were a below-average candidate who would make an above-average president. Now I see you as an above-average candidate who could make a very good, and perhaps even great president. You are more at ease on the stump, and your speeches have become more inspiring while also staying grounded in reality.

Governor Romney, what I am saying is that I believe in you. You are a natural leader. While the last thing you need is some opinion columnist offering unsolicited advice, here it is.

Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. Don’t let the chattering classes including me sway you. When you lost two of the first three contests during the primaries, you stayed calm, and secured the nomination. When the entire political (lack of ) intelligentsia said your general election campaign was dead in the water, you obliterated your competition in the first debate and changed the trajectory of the race. Your instincts are good and your intentions are noble. Do what you think is right, and you will be fine.

As for your political opponents, please do not let them define you like they did with President George W. Bush. Unfortunately, many on the left will hate your guts just for being Republican while existing and breathing air. Do not let attacks on your character go unchallenged. Do not think that doing noble deeds will be enough. Public relations matters. If you are the victim of scurrilous charges, hit back hard. Do it through surrogates if necessary, but do it. Do not let the character assassins win.

Most importantly sir, please govern as you said you would during the campaign. Your predecessor went off track by focusing on divisive social issues and fundamentally transforming America when all the people wanted were jobs. You are good at turning around losing economic ventures. America needs a turnaround specialist. Please do not focus on divisive social issues until after the economy has recovered and the terrorists truly are on the run. That will take time. If you turn around the economy, you will be a hero. If you ignore the economy, you will be another zero. Do exactly as you promised. Cut taxes, reduce regulations, grow the economy, promote free and fair trade, and strengthen our military.

Governor, I have met you several times. I tell everyone that you are smart, funny, likable, and decent. You have a fantastic family. When I saw you again a few days ago you gave me a high-five. I have no idea if you knew who I was, but it was great to see you so invigorated. Keep that optimistic spirit once the task of governing takes over. These are tough times, but you have a can-do spirit that will lift people up. As your running mate Paul Ryan says, “We can do this.”

God bless you Governor, and whatever the outcome, it was an honor each time to meet you. If the American people agree with me, it will be a pleasure to call you President-Elect.

Oh, and one other thing, Governor Romney. I addressed this with your eldest son Tagg back in September, although he is so busy there is no way he would remember. If you win the presidency you should be treated in the same manner as a head coach winning the Super Bowl. I want to give you the Gatorade bucket and mess up your hair. I know the Secret Service would not allow it, but I suspect your five sons would be fine with this occurring provided it was from a loyal supporter.

Governor Romney, these are tough times. Yet tough times test the character of people. America has the character and stamina to rebound and come out stronger than ever before. We just need real leadership.

Good luck sir. If given the chance, I know you will lead well. God bless you and your lovely family.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express


Brooklyn born, Long Island raised, and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”

Eric is 100% alcohol, tobacco, drug, and liberalism free. Follow Eric on Twitter @TYGRRRREXPRESS

Eric Golub is an independent writer for the Communities. Read more from Eric at TYGRRRR EXPRESS

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Eric Golub

Eric Golub is a politically conservative Jewish blogger, author, public speaker, and comedian. His book trilogy is “Ideological Bigotry,” “Ideological Violence,” and  “Ideological Idiocy.” 

He is Brooklyn born, Long Island raised, and has lived in Los Angeles since 1990. He received his Bachelors degree from the University of Judaism, and his MBA from USC. A stockbrokerage professional since 1994, he began blogging on March 11th, 2007, the three year anniversary of the Madrid bombings and the midpoint of 9/11. He has been inflicting his world view on his unfortunate readers since then. He blogs about politics Monday through Friday, and about football and other human interest items on weekends.



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