Rick Perry appears at the Republican Jewish Coalition 2012 Presidential Candidates Forum

At the RJC Presidential Candidates Forum, Texas Governor Rick Perry offered a heartfelt speech about his love for Israel.

LOS ANGELES, December 23, 2011—At the Republican Jewish Coalition 2012 Presidential Candidates Forum, Texas Governor Rick Perry offered a heartfelt speech about his love for Israel.

The Republican Jewish Coalition is a sophisticated audience, and they want to hear about a wide range of issues beyond Israel. Yet Israel was virtually the entire focus of Governor Perry’s remarks. In his case, it was not pandering. As a devout Evangelical Christian, Governor Perry is a true believer. He loves Israel, and will crack down hard on those who try to hurt the Jewish state.

His entire remarks are below.

Governor Perry started by pointing out that two American citizens who are being unlawfully detained in other countries are Jewish. Alan Gross is being held in Cuba and Warren Weinstein by al Qaeda in Pakistan. These two Jewish people have brought selflessness to the world by helping people. We must get them released.

Overall, the Obama foreign policy is an incoherent mess. We have emboldened our enemies by isolating our allies.

The United States and Israel share three basic principles. We are linked by our prosperity, security, and freedom. Israel has been a strong trading partner. They import American goods. Israel has a spectacular high tech industry, and contains an abundance of specialized natural resources.

Not only is America critical to Israel’s security, but Israel is critical to America’s security. Not only did Israel take out the Osiraq reactor in Iraq in 1982, but they also took out a Syrian reactor plant in 2007.

Governor Perry forcefully laid the blame in the Middle East conflict squarely on where it belongs. Barack Obama systematically undermines the relationship with Israel. “I support the goal of  a Palestinian state, but it must be the Palestinians who must meet certain preconditions, and those preconditions must include statehood directly negotiated between the two parties and a Palestine recognizing Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.” For peace to be considered at all, “Palestinian leaders must renounce the terrorist activities of Hamas.”

Barack Obama is subverting the Oslo accords. The Palestinians are taking Obama up on his concessions.

As for Iran, they are marching unimpeded toward nuclear weapons.

Governor Perry accurately pointed out that this current administration was silent during the Green Revolution in 2009. They have avoided tougher sanctions. It was Governor Perry who called repeatedly for sanctions on Iran’s central bank.
Sanctions have not stopped Iran from moving down the path of obtaining nuclear weapons.

Given the utter failure of sanctions, Governor Perry understands that there are only two options left. Either America conducts a military strike or the world ends up with a nuclear Iran. Iran is a much greater threat than Iraq and Syria. If Israel conducted the strike, they would face reprisals. America has to be the one to do it.

Barack Obama is so far out of the mainstream on Israel that he “is isolated from his own Democratic Party.”

Governor Perry takes pride in being a blunt and plain spoken Texan. He gave some plain Texas talk in declaring right from wrong. “Israel needs our vocal moral support in the wake of inevitable condemnation. Israel does not need our president demanding gratitude for being the best friend Israel has ever had while his Secretary of Defense rails that Israel to get back to the d@mn table with the Palestinians, and his Secretary of State questions the viability of Israel as a democracy, even as his ambassador to Belgium blames anti-Semitism among Muslims on Israel’s failure to accommodate the Palestinians.”

Governor Perry loves Israel in his heart, and sees that Barack Obama does not. “This torrent of hostility toward Israel does not seem to be coordinated, but a natural expression of this president’s attitude toward Israel.”

“The U.S.-Israel relationship is not just a box I check off as a part of a campaign. It is the heart, the cornerstone of my global strategy.”

Governor Perry was unequivocal in his support of American exceptionalism. “No country has done more to liberate oppressed people, many of them Muslims, since the end of the Cold War. Every person was meant to live free, and worship free.”

Governor Perry clarified remarks he made during one of the debates. He did say and does believe that “any foreign aid should start at zero.” Yet he pointed out that  foreign aid to Israel has already ended. There is a difference between foreign aid and strategic defensive aid, and “strategic defensive aid will increase to Israel.”

Governor Perry noted another common bond between the two nations. “Our laws come from the ancient laws of the Torah.”

Governor Perry unapologetically stated that bringing America back begins with faith. We need to have faith in the almighty, our friends, our allies, and each other.

Despite devoting pretty much the entire speech to his love of Israel, the audience wanted to hear about other traditional Republican issues. Yet unlike the other candidates, Governor Perry was not treated with respect by all of the questioners. One particular questioner came at him in a totally accusatory and inappropriate manner.

The individual wanted to know what Obamacare would be replaced with. It was a fair question, but the questioner concluded by saying “You haven’t had a great record in Texas with insuring people.”

The audience was stunned at the low class hit job disguised as a question. Governor Perry was poised and calm in his response. He disagreed with the questioner’s assessment, and pointed out that “Texas has some of the greatest healthcare in the nation.” He pleased the audience by reminding them that one reason for this is because Texas has “some of the most sweeping tort reform in the nation.”

He singled out Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as someone with some good ideas and concepts regarding Medicare. He also complimented Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, who is also a physician. In keeping with his Tenth Amendment philosophy, Governor Perry wants to make it easier to allow the states to put forth their own programs.

Governor Perry had the crowd cheering when he said, “If you want to live in a state that has high premiums, high taxes, high regulations, you can go to California.”

Governor Perry mentioned that one reason Texas works well is because they have a part-time Congress. With regards to the United States Congress, it is time to “let them go home and work a job like the rest of the legislators do in the states. We meet for 140 days every other year. We are the 13th largest economy in the world and it works.”

In reiterating that “government is the problem,” Governor Perry touched on why President Obama fails to grasp simple economic and foreign policy concepts.

“I’m not a psychologist. I don’t know how to get inside the president’s head.”

He wanted somebody to ask President Obama “Where were you raised where that was taught and penetrated your psyche?”

Governor Perry vowed to reverse the apology tour of the current administration. “I will never go into another country and apologize for America.”

“We have freed too many people. We have given too much blood on foreign soil to show people how to live free.”

Playing true to his stereotype of a tall-in-the-saddle, bull in the China shop, Texas thrower of sharp elbows, Governor Perry put the establishment on notice. “Washington is not going to change unless they put an outsider in there. They don’t want me up here. This city is not ready for me.”

Condemning comments by Mr. Obama saying this country has lost its soul, Governor Perry called those comments “inappropriate, and frankly, irresponsible.”

With regards to the disastrous and totally failed education system, Mr. Perry charged that “universities are costing too much money and we are not getting a good return on our investment.” Mr. Perry advocates that a bachelor degree costs $10,000. Spending $100,000 is not necessary. It is time to localize education, and make sure that governors and regents get the burdens regarding what the students are learning.

Governor Perry again drew the short straw from the audience. He received the rudest question to start and unfortunately had to end his remarks by facing the dumbest question. If ever there were a justification for college students to be banned from speaking at adult events, this was it. With the world on fire and the economy crashing, only a college student would give them all a bad name by bringing up the issue that nobody over 30 should ever care about.

Governor Perry was asked if states should have the right within their borders to legalize Marijuana.

Governor Perry smiled and said, “no.”

The audience laughed, and the only problem was that Governor Perry did not advocate a Singapore-style caning of anybody asking such moronic questions in such a serious forum. He gave significantly more respect to the question than it deserved, and made a point of elaborating specifically so as not to give the question short shrift.

“We can win the war on drugs but we have to fight it first. I know, I have to deal with this.”

He cited that with predator drone type aircraft, we can know about everything going on by the border. “Twelve months after being sworn in as president, that border will be shut down and secure.”

Whether the topic is Israel or domestic policy, Governor Perry does not mince words. His critics treat him as a “dumb jock” because he stammers, stumbles, and fractures his syntax. He is not Ivy League educated. What he is, is a man who says what he means and means what he says. Our current leader uses elitist language to cover up a facade of knowing absolutely nothing about governing or solving problems. Governor Perry is a doer, not a talker, a workhorse, not a showhorse. He is the longest serving Texas Governor with an exemplary record.

For those wanting to know where he stands and what he believes, look in his heart. More importantly, look in his eyes.

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