Too Far Gone: Mid-season finale recap of The Walking Dead - who survives?

Hershel and the governor are the latest casualties on “The Walking Dead Photo: The Walking Dead: Hershel / AMC

WASHINGTON December 2, 2013 — Just as expected, the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” was full of surprises and breathtaking moments. The show opens with the Governor kidnapping Michonne and Hershel to use as hostages to get Rick’s attention.

After giving his new army a pep talk, the Governor leads them, and his tank, to the prison fence calling Rick out to negotiate. The Governor’s terms are leave and we won’t crash down the fences and blow the place up.

The Governor gives Rick till sundown to evacuate the prison while threatening to execute Michonne and Hershel if he doesn’t comply.

“I have a tank and I am letting you walk away from here…what else is there to talk about…” is what the Governor says to Rick.

Rick shows that he has listened to Hershel, that he has not lost his humanity, as he pleads with the Governor that they could all live in the prison together but the Governor responds by killing Hershel, one of our favorite characters.

After four seasons of being the voice of reason and humanity, Hershel met his demise, his head cut off by the Governor, but with Michonne’s sword. This is when Lily shows up with her freshly bitten daughter Meghan.  For some unexplicable reason they are letting this little girl dig in the dirt.  Dead bodies are in the dirt. Dead bodies are zombies.  

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Not a smart group.

The Governor takes Meghan’s body from Lily and shoots her in the head, showing no emotion at all. Since Meghan is the second “daughter” the Governor has lost, at this point any humanity he may have had is long gone.  

The Governor has his people, and tank, advance on the prison and an epic gun battle takes place as the execution of Hershel prompts the prison people to open fire, giving Michonne the opportunity to slip away and free herself.

As the Governor is advancing on the prison, Rick emerges from where he is hiding behind a bus after being shot in the leg and attacks the Governor, who in true cowardly fashion is in the rear of the advance, for a little hand-to-hand combat.

Just as it looks as if the Governor may choke the life out of Rick, Michonne’s sword, the same one used to decapitate Hershel, emerges from the Governor’s chest just as Rick is about to die.

Lily then finishes off the governor with a well placed shot to the head.

Meanwhile  Beth and Glenn and some of the people from the prison board a bus and drive away. Carol’s two young charges from the library lessons save Tyreese who is taking heavy fire, shooting two of the Governor’s posse. Which is a bit of irony as while Carol killed Karen, she also saved Tyreese.

True to his nature, Daryl disables the tank with a grenade and kills Mitch, whose brother Pete the Governor killed and put into the lake where he turned, when he escapes the tank.

As the dust settles, Rick begins to search for his son Carl. Rick finds him, but in the process they discover the bloody car seat that baby Judith had occupied, collapsing with grief until Carl unloads his rifle into a walker.

It is not clear if Judith has died though. She is not listed during the In Memoriam segment on the Taking Dead show so don’t be surprised if she shows up in February when “The Walking Dead” returns.

Another person that we want to return is the banished Carol. Now that the group has been split up in the battle, it may be that Carol will stumble across the people on the bus, including her two young charges that saved Tyreese.  And they will reunite Carol with the group, begging Tyreese to understand.

With the governor eliminated it will be interesting to see what new and unexpected evil will threaten Rick and company. Because if we’ve learned anything we’ve learned that the biggest threat in a zombie apocalypse is the living and not the dead.

The only ones left living from the Governor’s group are Tara and Lily. Tara lost her girlfriend Alisha and Lily has lost her child and realized that the Governor was a murderous … well, he just shot her daughter to keep her from turning. 

Communities will be back with live chats in February when “The Walking Dead” returns for the Mid-Season Premier.

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